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Tongue Piercing - New Fashion Statement

By Super Admin

Body piercing has become popular and fashionable. It seems that almost every part of the body is open to piercing. Body piercing is done to enhance the beauty of body and to make it more fashionable. Tongue piercing is one such body piercing that has become increasingly fashionable in recent years and has been made famous by stars like Scary Spice and the Princess Royal's daughter Zara Phillips. Here are some precaution and aftercare tips for the latest fashion statement.

Precautions to be taken while piercing the Tongue

  • Piercing should be done by professionals who follow health and safety guidelines
  • Don't make this a do-it-yourself project. Resist the temptation to do-it-yourself piercing to get the look you want.
  • Wash your piercing area with germicidal soap.
  • The needle to be used should be new and sterilized
  • Make sure your teeth and gums are healthy
  • You should take doctor's advice before the piercing if you suffer from allergies, infections and diseases
  • The size of the jewelery used should be correct, otherwise it may cause swelling and pain
  • Wash your hands before touching the pierced part during the healing process

  • Aftercare for Tongue piercing :

    A common misconception is that since the mouth is dirty, tongue piercing is more prone to infection and will take longer than other piercings to heal. But, that is not the fact as saliva is highly effective at both protecting from infection and promoting healing.

  • Rinse your mouth after all meals and snacks with an antibacterial mouthwash that does not contain alcohol
  • Swelling of the tongue can be reduced by Ice and other cold liquids. Swelling tend to last 3-5 days.
  • Brushing of teeth is important while healing process as it will cut down on the amount of bacteria and food particles in your mouth. So brush your teeth three times daily
  • Avoid tobacco products, chewing gum and biting your nails
  • Do not touch the jewelry during the healing period as this can prolong the healing process
  • Always keep the jewelery in the piercing as tongue piercing can close up in a matter of hours
  • Do not swim in pool, lake, etc as these types of water can induce infection
  • Eat slowly and try to place small portions of food in your mouth at a time.
  • Story first published: Thursday, February 7, 2008, 16:13 [IST]