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This Diet Kills Cancer Cells!
Can diet kill cancer? There is a diet known as "Breuss complete cancer diet". An Australian healer named Breuss came up with this diet plan. This diet is said to fight cancer only when it is in its first stage. It ...
Diet That Kills Cancer Cells

Different Beetroot Face Masks You Should Try At Home
We all have been aware of the fact that beetroot is one among the healthy food items which benefits your body in several ways. Beetroot not only is good for health, but it proves to be an excellent skin care ingredient ...
Say Goodbye To Menstrual Pain With This Beetroot Remedy!
If you are someone who is tired of having to experience excruciating pain during your periods, then you must be sick of it, right? Menstruation, as we all know, is a natural phenomenon that every woman experiences, right from the beginning ...
Home Remedy For Period Pain Beetroot
Weak immunity? Try this!
Weak immunity can invite any disease. There is a simple drink which can boost your blood circulation, immune system and make you feel energetic. You can just prepare it once a week and keep it in the refrigerator for daily consumption. ...
6 Healthy Foods You Are Not Eating Enough!
If you are someone who is health conscious and tries to eat healthy, as much as possible, then there could be a few foods that you are not eating, which are extremely healthy! For your body to remain healthy and function ...
Beetroot Face Masks For Distressed Skin
Although, beetroot is known to be extremely beneficial for health, it is also known for its beauty benefit when used on the skin. Beetroot may not be good to taste, but it is one among the healthiest foods in the world. ...
Beetroot Face Packs For Distressed Face
10 Super-Hydrating Lip Fixes For Winter!
Winter is coming! And so is the season for dry and lack-lustre skin. The real problem area though is the lips. They are dry, flaky, with skin dangling off sometimes with an open bleeding wound. And when you apply ...
Ten Super Hydrating Lip Fixes For Winter
11 Beetroot Face Packs For Beautiful And Flawless Skin
Beetroot is well-known for its health benefits. This richly-pigmented vegetable is a great way to purify your blood and boost your energy. However, you might not know that beetroot is a knight in shining armour for your skin as well. From ...
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