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Why Food Allergy Is Fatal For Kids?
It would surprise you but a teenager recently lost his life due to a simple food allergy towards cheese. The boy in question was actually allergic to dairy and gluten. Most of us think that a food allergy can simply give ...
Does Food Allergy Cause Anxiety In Children?
Is your kid suffering from an anxiety disorder? Beware, a food allergy might be the reason, a research has claimed.The findings showed that children with a food allergy had a significantly higher prevalence of childhood anxiety. Food allergy is particularly linked ...
Childs Anxiety May Be Linked To Food Allergy
7 Dangerous Types Of Allergies That Are On The Rise!
Are you experiencing constant itching, sneezing or similar symptoms that indicate an allergy? If yes, you must be frustrated, right? Allergy comes with certain painful symptoms that, in extreme cases, can take over a person's life and can make him/her suffer ...
Types Of Allergies That Are On The Rise
8 Amazing Anti-allergy Superfoods
Changes in weather or exposure to any kind of pollution, dust mites and pollens, increase the chances of suffering from allergies. Also there are a few sections of people who get allergies after consuming certain food items. Well there are certain ...
7 Surprising Facts You Must Know About Psoriasis
There are a number of ailments that can cause immense difficulties to the victim, even though they are not very serious and psoriasis is one of them! Psoriasis is a skin condition in which the skin turns scaly due to the ...
Facts On Psoriasis
7 Surprising Reasons You Cannot Stop Sneezing!
Do you often experience sneezing fits that continue for more than 2 minutes? Are you embarrassed of having to sneeze even while in a public place? If yes, then we will have you know that there are few unusual reasons that ...
Probiotic Combo May Curb Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
Researchers have found that a probiotic combination might help reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies like hay fever. Hay fever may cause itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other similar symptoms."Not all probiotics work for allergies. This one did," said study first author ...
Probiotic Combo May Curb Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
5 Types Of Soy Allergies In Children
Food allergy is a hot topic of discussion, especially when it is all about children. The reason behind this is the uncertainty about the allergy, unless the child is exposed to the allergen. Food allergies are the most common types of ...
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