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38 Sweet And Unique Things To Do On This Valentine's Day

Couples start making several plans as soon as Valentine's Week starts from 7 February to 14 February. Every couple tries to make their Valentine's day celebration a memorable one. You may want to shower your partner with several gifts and love.

But then you must understand the gift that you can gift to your partner is your 'time'. Spending quality time together is way more important than sending gifts to each other. At times, you may not be able to decide what to do on Valentine's Day. But then you don't have to worry as we are always ready to help you.

Therefore, we are here with some of the unique and interesting ideas for Valentine's Day. Scroll down to find what are those things that you can do this Valentine's Day.

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1. Watch Sunrise Together

Waking up early in the morning can be difficult but nothing can be more beautiful than watching the sunrise with your partner. You can promise your partner to be with them forever. This will definitely fill you with positivity and enthusiasm.


2. Have A Meaningful Conversation

A meaningful conversation is one of those things that can further strengthen your relationship. It is always best to have deep and meaningful conversations with your partner because this helps in emotional bonding.


3. Join Yoga Class

Yoga is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and worries and make your mind calm and composed. This Valentine's Day you can have a different and completely new experience in Yoga by practicing yoga with your partner.


4. Volunteer At Shelter House

Since it is Valentine's Day and the intention of celebrating this day is spreading love, therefore, you can volunteer at some shelter house and spread the love with the animals living there. This will not only help you in experiencing love in other forms but will also help you in doing some good deeds.


5. Try Some Gardening

Nature is the best retreat and therefore, spending some time together in the lap of nature will make your Valentine's Day memorable. For this, you can do some gardening. You can bring some saplings and plant them in your garden or in the pots. You can also take some time to pamper the existing plants in your garden.

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6. Go Through Old Photographs

Revisiting the memory lanes are always worth the time. Also, no other occasion can be better than Valentine's Day to go through the old photographs and recall the sweet moments that you spent together. You can also analyse your mistakes in the past and look for ways to fix things.


7. Go For A Double Date

If one of your close friends is dating someone and is also looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day, then you can invite the couple for the double date. This way you will be having a gala time with your partner and your friend accompanied by his/her partner.


8. Take A Bubble Bath Together

If you and your partner haven't done something romantic for a long time then add bubble bath to your to-do-list. All you will do is light some candles around your bathtub, spread some rose petals in it and turn on the warm water. In case, your bathroom doesn't have a bathtub, you can still enjoy taking a shower together. You can also think about cuddling and kissing each other under the shower.


9. Give Each Other A Relaxing Massage

After meeting deadlines, when you come home tired, how about a relaxing body massage by your partner? For this, you can choose any nice aroma infused body oil and set the mood with some scented candles and soothing background music. You can also sprinkle some flower petals in that room. Once you are done massaging your partner, they can also give you a nice massage.


10. Go For A Photoshoot

Going for a photoshoot on this Valentine's Day is another unique thing that you can opt for. This way you will be able to capture some sweet moments of your relationship that can be cherished forever.

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11. Recreate Your First Date

Your first date may be too close to your heart. Even if it wasn't a perfect one, you can still plan to recreate and relive it. You can go to the same restaurant and order the same food as you did on your first date. You can then head for a short walk together and recall your favorite moments spent together.


12. Plan A Candlelight Dinner

This is one of the most romantic ways of celebrating Valentine's Day. It will be so romantic to arrange a candlelight dinner set-up on your terrace and have some quality time with your partner. You can also talk about your relationship and how beautifully you adore each other.


13. Spend A Romantic Night In A Hotel Room

This can be a great idea for married couples who live in a joint family and do not get much privacy. Also, those couples who stay in different cities can think of spending a romantic day or night in a hotel room. You can order some good food and watch some movies. You can also think of making love with each other.


14. Do Shopping For Each Other

Whether it is a festival or any other occasion, shopping is always one of the best things to do. But this time, you can make it different by shopping for your partner. Later you can surprise each other with whatever you have bought for each other.


15. Watch A Movie Together

If both of you are movie buffs then nothing can make you stay away from entertainment. You can make a list of your favourite movies and play one after the other. To make it more romantic, keep a blanket, some cushions and a bucket of popcorn. You can watch the movie while cuddling with each other as well.


16. Go For A Binge-Watch

If you love to watch TV series, then you will never run out of options. Subscribe to several video streaming platforms and binge-watch your favourite shows. Not necessarily you have to rob a bank to celebrate Valentine's day.


17. Dance Your Heart Out In A Club

In order to make your day more romantic and memorable, you can go to a club and dance your heart out. Even if you are not so good at dancing, you can still groove to the music and enjoy yourself with your better half.


18. Get Tickets Of A Concert

If music binds you and your partner then going to a concert will be the best thing for both of you. A live music concert on Valentine's Day is definitely one of the quirky ways to celebrate this special day. You can also sing and groove together with your partner and bookmark this day.


19. Play Video Games

There are so many games that you and your partner can play, in order to make your Valentine's Day a special one! For example, you can play cards or any other board games. If you wish, you can have a little competition too.


20. Watch A Comedy Show

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and therefore, you can watch a comedy show with your partner. You can either go for a stand-up comedy show or tune to your favourite comedy show. This can also be a great way of celebrating your Valentine's Day with your partner.

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21. Visit An Amusement Park

If you loved visiting amusement parks and taking those thrilling rides, then why not go for it on this Valentine's Day? You can enjoy a day at an amusement park with your partner and have a thrilling experience. We are sure you will have a great time.


22. Watch A Play At A Theatre

Watching a play at the theatre is another way of celebrating your Valentine's Day with your partner. It always brings some really good concepts and acting. You can book a show at a theatre in your city and enjoy watching it with your partner.


23. Take A Tour Of Brewery

You can think of chilling with your partner on Valentine's Day in a brewery. You can taste different kinds of beers and other drinks if you wish. Also, you can munch on some snacks while enjoying the drink.


24. A Refreshing Long Drive

A long drive is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your partner. Also, it is the journey that matters not the destination. You can go to some offbeat places or where both of you met for the first time.


25. Trekking Can Add To Your Experience

If you and your partner are trying to have some new experience this Valentine's Day, then trekking can be a good option. All you need to do is pack your bags and head to your destination.


26. Go For Camping

Camping can be a great option if you are looking forward to spending some time away from the chaos of city life. You can take the help of the tour companies or organise something yourself. Bonfires, fun activities and hiking, what else do you need in life? Silence can also speak volumes and probably you both can experience that under a starry night.


27. Plan A Treasure Hunt For Him/Her

If you are planning to gift something to your partner on this Valentine's Day, then why not plan a treasure hunt for him or her? You can drop some hand written clues for your partner and watch him or her finding the gift. Once your partner finds the gift, we are sure, you will get to see a priceless smile on his or her face.


28. Explore Some New Places

A small trip or a long weekend vacation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. This Valentine's Day, you can either spend a day or an entire weekend with your partner while exploring some nearby hill-station. This will bring you some new experiences as you will be stepping out of your comfort zone.


29. Go For Ice-Skating

Ice Skating is quite fun and it can be more interesting if you are accompanied by your partner. You can have an unforgettable experience by skating on the ice. You can search for some really nice places where you can go ice skating.


30. Enjoy Horse Riding

Horse riding can be a vintage and interesting way of celebrating Valentine's Day. All you will need is to wear your comfortable clothes, a cowboy hat and a nice horse that will let you ride on its back.


31. Try Bungee Jumping

If you are looking forward to being a little adventurous on Valentine's Day, then you can try Bungee Jumping. Though you may feel intimidated at the very beginning, you will have an amazing and thrilling experience.


32. Have A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If a hot air balloon has always fascinated you, then this Valentine's Day, you can think of taking a ride of the same. This will help you in flying across the city while witnessing the spectacular view of the entire city. While you and your partner are up in the air, you too can express your sweet emotions for each other.


33. Check Out Some Sports

Sports is another Valentine's Day idea that you can try. You can participate in any sports such as tennis, badminton or football to not only play with your partner but also to compete with each other. You can also play together in a team and bring out your sportsmanship.


34. Visit Your Favourite Holiday Destination

Some places are worth revisiting and if you have been to such a place in your life, then you can revisit that place with your partner. Both of you can recreate your first visit and enjoy your day together. This way you will be away from the city hustle and enjoy each other's company.


35. Be Creative, Paint Something Together

If you are an artist, how about drawing something for may your partner? Indulging in the art can be therapeutic and therefore, this Valentine's Day you can also ask your partner to draw something for you.

Even if you are not so good at it, you will spend a memorable time together and you can cherish these moments in the future.


36. Cook A Recipe Together

There is an adage that the way to a man's heart is good food. Not only men, but this applies to women as well. Cooking for your partner will surely make them feel special. Why go to a restaurant when you can spend cozy time with your partner and team it up with good food?


37. Do Some Origami

Origami is fun and interesting. You can make several home décor elements and hang them in your living room. You don't have to feel unsure about your skills as you can always go through the tutorials available on various online platforms.


38. Join Some Pottery Classes

Pottery classes may seem an odd idea for Valentine's Day but it can be a refreshing and beautiful experience for your relationship. You and your partner can make some really good and adorable things in the pottery. Later you can take away what you made and place it in your living room as a beautiful memory.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Story first published: Thursday, February 6, 2020, 12:45 [IST]
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