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13 Best Flowers Other Than Roses To Send To Your Partner This Valentine's Day

There's not one ounce of doubt in our mind that flowers are the best way to express your love. The season of love is here and in a few days we will be celebrating Valentine's Week. The first day of the week i.e., 7 February is known as Rose Day and on this day, when it comes to giving flowers to their partners, it is usually red roses.

Undoubtedly, roses are the flowers of love and passion but there are other beautiful flowers too that will win your beloved's heart and will definitely suit their beauty and style. We have listed 13 romantic flowers that make your love bloom in the best possible manner.

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1. Orchids

Orchids represent love, grace, beauty and luxury. These are some of the most romantic flowers through which you can impress your partner. These flowers also symbolize seduction and it will make your partner feel that you are looking forward to taking the relationship on the next level. Available in numerous vibrant and subtle hues, these flowers can win anyone's heart.


2. Tulips

If you want to tell your partner how beautiful he or she is, then you can opt for tulips. You can find them in many colours such as red, pink, white, etc. having pleasant and soothing fragrances. People consider it a perfect present when they enter a new relationship as these flowers symbolise love and attraction. These delicate flowers have a low amount of pollens and therefore, it is good for those who are allergic to flowers.


3. Daisies

Daisies can be one of the best presents on this Rose Day as they are bright in colour and seem quite delicate. Legends have it that daisies represent innocence, beauty and fun. Daisies come in a variety of colour and therefore, you can choose any of them to make a beautiful bouquet. You can also decorate the bouquet with different colours of Daisies and present it to your beloved.


4. Lilies

Lilies can be a perfect way to make your partner feel loved and special as these flowers symbolise innocence, beauty and class. These flowers can be found in different colours and have a pleasant fragrance but aren't allergy-friendly as they have a higher quantity of pollen grains, you can ask the vendor to remove the pollens. If you are looking for a beautiful yet bold bouquet of flowers, then you can go for lilies.


5. Carnation

These flowers are quite romantic and are found in a wide range of colours. You can either go for pink, white or deep red carnations to make your partner feel loved and special. These flowers contain fewer pollens than most flowers and come with a soothing fragrance. Carnations form a beautiful bouquet and are quite affordable as well.


6. Camellia

In case, you and your partner have been in a relationship for a long time, you can present Camellia to each other as these flowers symbolise faithfulness and a long-lasting relationship. You can go for light pink camellia or deep red ones. These flowers may seem similar to roses but are quite unique and pleasant to look at.


7. Aster

You can find Asters in many colours but pink ones are quite popular and are considered one of the most romantic flowers. Asters can bring charm and love in one's love life. Legends have it that Asters symbolise Venus, the Goddess of Love.


8. Blue Iris

If you are looking for some delicate and light flowers then blue iris can be the best option for you. These flowers have an eye-catchy and soothing colour with less pollen. It is said that these flowers symbolise true love. Hope, faith and peace. You can go for either blue or purple iris as they both are quite appealing and seem extremely beautiful. In case, your partner is a February born or if your relationship anniversary falls in February, then Blue Iris can be one of the best gifts as these flowers blossom in this month only.


9. Sunflowers

You can let your partner feel fresh and cheerful through sunflowers as these flowers happiness, loyalty warmth and long-lasting love. You may find it odd but sunflowers can be a good option for Rose Day. There are many varieties of sunflowers from which you can choose the best ones for your partner.


10. Daffodils

Daffodils are quite beautiful and romantic flowers that you can gift to your partner other than roses on this Rose Day. Legends have it that these flowers bring good fortune and peace of mind to those who receive it as a gift. These flowers are found in different shapes and colours. Your partner will surely love the bouquet of Daffodils.


11. Peonies

These pretty and fluffy flowers symbolise romance, love, charm and prosperity. Legends believe these flowers bring good luck to those who receive these flowers. You can find these flowers easily in your nearby flower markets and can present them to your partner to make them feel special.


12. Geranium

If you are looking for flowers that would form a bright bouquet and would look appealing then you can go for Geranium. These are found in red, magenta and pink colours. In case, your partner is allergic to flowers having many pollens, then this flower can be the best option on this rose day. This is because the flower contains less pollen and has a very pleasant fragrance.


13. Ranunculus

These are quite round and look similar to roses. Ranunculus are often referred to as 'buttercups' due to their swirling shapes. You can find them in white, off-white, light pink and other colours. These flowers symbolise beauty, attraction and charm.

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In addition to the flowers, you can write a sweet and romantic note for your partner stating how beautiful your relationship has been so far. Also, let us know which among the above-mentioned flowers do you like the most.