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10 Myths Related To Relationships And Love That You Need To Stop Believing

There are several myths around us related to different things. A similar thing is with relationships as well. Falling in love is not that hard but maintaining and retaining the relationship can be a tough thing. It becomes tougher if you go on buying myths related to love and relationship. For that reason, things might worsen between you and your partner.

To help you in keeping the air clean in your relationship and letting be their peace, we have listed down a few myths that are quite common.

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1. "Love Is Enough To Make A Relationship Strong"


Often people think love is the only ingredient needed to make a relationship strong but this is not true. Mutual understanding, respect and trust are also the contributing factors other than love, which can lead to a strong relationship. If there is no mutual understanding, respect and trust between the couples, the relationship can come to a dead-end, no matter how much feeling you have for each other.

2. "Jealousy Is A Sign Of True Love"


It is obvious for couples to feel jealous at times, especially when someone tries to come closer to one of the partners. But if you think that jealousy is a sign of true love then you may be wrong. If you truly love your partner, you should be confident about them. You may feel jealous if you are having insecurities in the relationship, a belief that your partner is only meant to be yours and is not supposed to talk to anyone else.

If it is true love, you will be always trusting your partner no matter who tries to get close to your partner.

3. "If Love Is True, Partners Will Always Know Each Other's Needs"


At times, partners can read each other's minds as they become familiar with each other's mentality and way of thinking. However, this doesn't mean that your partner will read your mind or know your needs and desires every time. Humans aren't blessed with such a divine power that can help them in knowing others' needs and desires even without being told in the first place.

So, if you or your partner are unable to figure out each other's needs then it is okay and has nothing to do with 'true love' theory. What matters the most is if your partner tries to fulfil and take care of your basic needs or not.

4. "Fights Can End A Relationship"


The thing that can actually ruin and end your relationship is ego and never resolving the misunderstandings and fights. There is no such relationship in which couples never fight. Since every human is unique and is never perfect, fights are inevitable. But that doesn't mean your relationship will meet a dead end. The more you hold them, the more you tend to ruin the relationship.

When you fight with your partner, you let all your misunderstandings, grudges and frustrations come out. Once you are done the fighting, both of you analyse what went wrong and why you fought. As a result, you become aware of your own flaws and then you try not to repeat those mistakes in the future.

5. "Love Can Be True Only If There Is Passion"


Often couples believe that passion defines the intensity of love. You need to understand that when a person has to bear several responsibilities such as looking after the house, cooking, going to the office, etc. the energy and patience level may disappear. As a result, your partner may be too tired to show his or her passion for you. Your partner may not have much time and energy to spend time with you.

Rather than believing in movies and various novels, it is better for you to make some plans where you can bring back the lost spark in your relationship.

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6. "Sharing Everything On Social Media Is A Good Thing"


Many couples have this habit of updating every single detail of their relationship on social media. You may feel happy to upload those cosy pictures and mushy messages for your partner but you need to know there are many more people associated with you on your social media. People might feel irritated by your public display of affection.

Social media should be just for fun and not for making your romance visible for everyone.

7. "Buying Gifts Can Make Your Partner Feel Special And Loved"


No doubt gifts can make your partner smile and it can be a better way to woo him or her. But what matters the most in a relationship is the amount of time you give to your partner. Rather than hunting the market for an expensive and beautiful gift, you can dedicate some time for your partner to make him or her feel special. If you can't be physically present to spend time together then you can at least take the help of technology.

A video call or a sweet text can always be a better option to make your favourite being feel loved and blessed to have you.

8. "Relationship Will Work Out, If There Is True Love"


A relationship works only when the individuals involved in it agree to work together. Since it has started with you and your partner, it will either flourish or end depending on what you and your partner do. If you tend to ignore the needs and problems of your partner, your partner won't be able to carry the relationship single-handedly. You can understand a relationship just like a vehicle running on two wheels. The moment one of the wheels stops working, the vehicle won't be able to move forward. Therefore, if you want your relationship to last long and be a happy one, you need to work on it along with your partner.

9. "You Don't Have To Be Close To Anyone Other Than Your Partner"


Often people think that getting close to someone other than their own partner is a sign of cheating. However, there is no such thing. A person can be close to his or her friends and family members despite being in a romantic relationship. For that reason, a person can have many other people in his or her life and thus, he or she can have bonds accordingly.

It has nothing to do with true love. In fact, partners should trust each other and try not to break the trust no matter what.

10. "It Is Important To Adjust No Matter What"


Being in a relationship with someone is nowhere related to the compulsion of adjusting under each and every circumstance. There is no denying that at times, couples need to adjust with each other's distinct habits, likes and dislikes but that doesn't mean you need to accept and adjust with your partner's bad habits as well. If you think your partner is having a bad habit and there is a need for improvement, then you can convey the same to him or her.

But again pressurising your partner to be what you want is not at all a good thing to do. If the change that you are wishing is reasonable, relevant and can be beneficial in the long run then it is good.

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We hope knowing these myths will guide you in a positive manner and give your relationship a better direction.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 13:15 [IST]
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