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5 Reasons That Tell Us Why Having Sex With Your Ex Is Not The Best Thing To Do

Having great and satisfying sex is not a bad thing, but in case you are planning to do it with your ex-partner, think twice! Also, it can be risky for you in the long run.

You and your ex-partner may have shared a great bond but decided to part ways due to some issues, and now all of a sudden you have started missing the physical intimacy that you shared with your ex. Even if you know that this is not a very healthy thing to do in the long run, but you end up having sex with him/her anyway. However, sex with ex-partner can seem good at times because it is more like no strings attached and you can come and go in each other's lives as you both please. But, every choice in life comes with its own set of pros and cons and you should know them well before you jump into something like this.

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Check out the reasons, why it is better to stay away from when it comes to having sex with your ex-partner.

1. It Can Lead To An Unwanted Drama

You may think that you and your ex-partner won't be having any emotional bond and hence you can have an amazing sex life. But, do you know that it can lead to unwanted drama where either of you may develop some emotions and want to get back in the relationship? Also, if either of you gets in a relationship with someone, the other person may become jealous. This can then lead to unnecessary drama.

2. You May Regret Later

Initially, you may enjoy having sex with your ex-partner and think this is what you have been missing after the breakup. But then you must know, this can make you regret it in the future. Such as your ex-partner can take advantage of you. Your ex may be happy to have sex with you, without making any commitments. Watching your ex-partner walking out after sex and hanging out with other intimate partners can make you feel miserable and maybe humiliating for you. Also, at times, your ex-partner may dig up the old things which can hurt you.

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3. Moving On Can Become Difficult

People tend to do things in order to move post-break-up. Having sex with your ex can stop you from moving on. Even if you do not wish, you may end up overthinking about the reasons that ended your relationship. Also, you might not feel good enough to find someone new or go on dates with someone else.

4. It Can Create Problems In Your Relationship

Even if you love your current partner and feel like spending your entire life with him or her, being involved in a physical relationship with your ex can be risky for your relationship. For that reason, if your current partner comes to know about your physical relationship with your ex then he or she may lose faith in you.

5. You Might Feel Emotionally Unstable

Even if you decided you won't let emotions come in between you and your ex-partner, emotions can take a toll on you. Since both of you were together in the past and now that you know there are no such things, you may feel dejected. Your ex-partner may see you just as a sexual partner and will prefer being with other people after having sex. Also, he or she may be dating someone and will come to you only when there is a sexual need. Thus, this can actually make you feel like a filler that your partner will use to fill gaps in his life and when he/she is done with their sexual needs, they will leave you behind and move on.

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No doubt having a sexual relationship with your ex is a slippery slope. Therefore, it is better to avoid taking that road and look for someone who not only loves you but makes you feel special. If you are happy in your relationship, it will reflect automatically.

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