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How Tantric Sex Can Help Couples To Strengthen Their Relationships

Have you ever experienced sexual ecstasy? Was it intense? Did you feel deeply connected with your partner? If yes, then you probably had one of the best forms of pleasure. Well, one can have the best orgasm of their life through tantric sex. It is not just a form of sex but a way of living life.

Tantric sex is all about 'growing on the path of love and consciousness'. In this, love plays a feminine role whereas consciousness plays the masculine role. The intention is to dissolve the masculine energy and feminine energy into one another. When two people practice tantric sex, they unite on a physical and spiritual level. In this, partners experience an acute love and pleasure.

A Closer Look At Tantric Sex

The word tantra has two words in it. 'Tan' means 'to expand' and 'tra' means 'an instrument for something'. So we can say, tantric sex is a way to expand our sexual ecstasy and reclaim our sexual intimacy. Tantric sex originated centuries ago in the Indus Valley, currently Northwestern India and Pakistan.

The intention of practising 'tantric sex' is to expand sexual pleasure into the bliss of a lifetime. It is an age-old practice that can help a person to discard his/her fears, distractions, stress and open his/her heart, soul, emotions and sexuality. It is a slow process where foreplay is given more attention.

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How To Practice Tantric Sex

Couples can begin tantric sex by shutting down all kinds of distractions. They need to be alone, facing each other and gazing into each other's eyes with their clothes on. One needs to focus on one of the eyes of his/her partner. Do not switch your gaze from left eye to right eye and vice versa.

Since eyes are known to be the windows of one's soul, gazing into your partner's eyes will help you in opening your heart and soul. Whereas switching eye contact will be no less than cheating and inviting distractions.

You can also do the above with the clothes off. You can sit in the lap of your partner with your legs around your partner's waist or vice versa.

After this, you and your partner should synchronize your breathing. Both of you should breathe in and breathe out together. This should be then moved to exchanging breath - one exhales the other inhales. It should be as if you are breathing each other.

Next, both of you should move with slow and intense lovemaking while kissing and caressing each other. Couples should touch each other and feel each other's touch. Moreover, you should not stop looking into each other's eyes and on each other's body. This will help you to discover a different level of pleasure without reaching the climax.

Once you are proficient in this, you and your partner can have prolonged and multiple orgasms. This will further lead to finding out the sensual range of one other and can help in the emotional merging between the couple. The tantric sex focuses on taking moves at a slow yet passionate pace.

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Why Is It So Powerful

When couples practise tantric sex, they relax, let go of their stress and frustration and feel each other. Their intimacy level increases. This unifies them at a different level where they become aware of every sense of their partner as they gaze into the soul of their better half. Tantric sex helps in rejuvenating love.

Lovemaking becomes a kind of worship and a way to celebrate the union of two bodies and the souls dwelling into them. This way, couples can connect at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

To Conclude...

Having a deep and intense sexual intercourse for an hour can be understood as making a fast-food recipe by taking adequate time and effort. Even if you cook the recipe on a high flame, your hunger will be satisfied but when you take time and cook the fast-food with all the essentials, you will be able to satisfy your cravings and have an extreme satisfaction. In fact, you will be able to recall the taste at any time.

A similar thing happens when you practice tantric sex. Couples having sexual dissatisfaction and low sex-drive should give tantric sex a try. It will help them to increase intimacy between themselves.

When couples become proficient in tantric sex they can weave their mind and soul with each other. They not only have a great orgasm but also achieve divine consciousness. They have a double dose of sexual bliss.