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Want To Catch Your Cheating Spouse Red-Handed? 8 Tips That Will Help You

Do you feel that your spouse is seeing another person? Does he/she behaves suspiciously and hides his/her mobile phone quite often? Is your spouse now more into office and client meetings and doesn't return home on time?

At times, your gut feeling may tell you that your spouse is cheating on you. Even though you may have some tell-tale signs, your spouse may tell you that 'You are overthinking'.

No doubt sometimes, it can be a mere misunderstanding or trust issues, so in that case, it is always advisable to talk with your spouse and check if both of you are on the same page or not.

But if you already have the signs such as if your spouse pays more attention toon his or her physical appearance, spends less or no time with you and being busier than usual on his or her phone, then you may feel something is fishy.

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So if you have a similar gut feeling and want to catch your spouse red-handed then scroll down and check out some interesting tips

1. Observe The Signs

Before you are about to accuse your partner that he/she is cheating on you, make sure that you have enough proof. Such as if your spouse is now more concerned about his or her physical appearance, applies an enigmatic perfume quite often while going out, wearing new clothes and behaving awkwardly, while talking to someone over the call, she or he is walking out of the room or avoiding your presence.

2. Go Through Their Mobile And Browser History

You can also go through their mobile and browser history. There you can find out the recent activity of your spouse. You can also check the recycle bin of his or her laptop or computer to know what he or she is into. But if your spouse is playing smart by deleting the browser history, then you can install the spy applications in his or her phone. These spy apps are quite smart and can remain hidden in one's phone.

3. Pay An Unannounced Visit

If you are quite sure that your spouse is dating someone else then you can plan a surprise visit to your spouse at his or her workplace. This is one of the most effective ways to catch your spouse if he is cheating on you. All you need to do is reach unannounced at your spouse's office or come home early. But for this, you need to be quite careful and have a specific reason to do something like this.

You can say 'I was missing you and couldn't wait to see you. Therefore, I came to your workplace' or 'I wasn't feeling well therefore, I came home early'. You can check if your spouse welcomes you with a smile, becomes angry, tries to hide something or is frowned upon you.

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4. Bring A Change In Your Sleep Routine

You can also bring a change in your sleep routine. Such as if your spouse is staying up late till night stating he or she is having some important work to finish, you can also try to stay awake and tell that you would like to go to sleep only when he or she does so.

Or you can also pretend to be asleep and check if your spouse is talking to someone or stays out of the bed for a long time.

5. Walk Unexpectedly In Their Space

It is always a good idea to walk unexpectedly in your spouse's room if you have the gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you. Like you can walk in the room unexpectedly when your spouse is busy on his or her laptop.

You can sneak and check if he or she is into something other than work. You can also walk in, while they are busy on their phone and check if there is any change in the behaviour of your spouse.

6. Technology Can Be Handy

If you are unable to have a close look at your spouse's activities and want to know what he or she does when you are not around, then technology can actually help you in this. You can install hidden cameras in your room to catch your spouse red-handed. You can also install a GPS device in the car or bike of your spouse. This will help you to know the places your spouse is visiting these days.

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7. Create A Fake Profile

Another way of catching your spouse red-handed is to take the help of a fake profile. You can make a fake social media profile and try to connect with your spouse, without revealing your true identity to your spouse. You can chat with your spouse and try to test his or her loyalty by showing interest in him or her through your fake profile.

8. Ask For Spontaneous Sex

Your spouse might be coming home quite late or often returns home before the expected time, especially when you are not at home. In order to know if he or she is really cheating on you, it is a great idea to ask for a spontaneous love-making session.

As soon as he or she comes home, you can try initiating the activities that can lead to lovemaking sessions. It is then that you can check if your spouse tries to push you away or shows no interest in indulging in sex. Sometimes, it is obvious for your spouse to feel exhausted after coming back home, but if this happens quite often then you can confront your spouse.

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We hope that the aforementioned points will help you to catch your cheating spouse red-handed. But it will be better to be quite sure before you reach any conclusion.