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Valentine's Week 2020: Romantic Ideas to Make Your Valentine's Week Special

The loveliest week of the year is approaching and we cannot keep calm. And no it is not just for couples, but for everyone who believes in love. The Valentine's week will start from 7 February and continue till 14 February. We have listed a few tips that will help you to plan your Valentine's week beautifully. This will surely make your partner love you even more! Scroll down the article to read more.

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7 February 2020, Rose Day: Communicate Your Unspoken Feelings

Rose is considered as the symbol of love and passion and no matter how cliche it may sound, a rose is the best way to say "I love you". You can gift your partner a bouquet of roses and stick some short notes in it, and mention how deeply you love them. In case, you are willing to surprise your partner, you can decorate your bedroom with some fresh rose petals and other flowers.

Apart from this, let your partner feel that your love and care for them are as beautiful and intense as roses. Let the fragrance of your emotions for your partner, instil love and romance in your relationship.


8 February 2020, Propose Day: Stop Guessing And Express Your Love

Propose day is one of the best days of Valentine's week to express your love for your partner. It doesn't matter whether the setup is grand or not, an honest heart will make all the difference. Also, if you are already in a relationship, you can still express love for your partner. You can talk sweet things with your partner and let him or her know how beautiful your relationship has been. For this, you can write a letter to your partner or make a sweet greeting card.


9 February 2020, Chocolate Day: Bring Out Your Inner Chef

We usually see that couples generally gift varieties of chocolates to each other on Chocolate Day, but you can celebrate it by preparing a sweet dish for your partner. In case, you don't know a mouth-watering recipe, you can cue from your mother. This will not only win their heart but will also bring them closer to you.


10 February 2020, Teddy Day: Tell Your Partner How Adorable They Are

Receiving a teddy from your partner means not only they love you, but they also admire you. Well, you can cuddle a teddy and you can also cuddle your partner on this day. Also, if you are staying away from your partner, hugging a teddy given by them will certainly make you happy. Also, you can cuddle your partner at any time and make him or her feel loved. Cuddling may also help you to develop some intimacy other than a physical relationship.


11 February 2020, Promise Day: Become The Biggest Support System Of Your Partner

This promise day you can promise your partner that you will be with them forever. Celebrated 3 days before Valentine's day, on this day it is advisable that you make practical promises to your partner. If you want to make it memorable then you can promise your partner in a dreamy way such as you can take him or her out for a candlelight dinner. Or you can decorate your terrace with some candles in the evening and make your vows under the moon.


12 February 2020, Hug Day: Add Warmth In Your Relationship

A hug is one of the best ways to express your feelings to your loved ones. So how about expressing your romantic and sweet feelings for your partner through a long warm hug. For this, you can hug your partner before beginning your day. In case, your partner stays in another city, you can travel to make him or her feel special. Also, you can hug him or her and eliminate all negativities and grudges. You can say sweet things to each other while embracing each other.


13 February 2020, Kiss Day: Show Your Affection And Stay True To Your Commitment

What can be more romantic than a kiss of love? Not necessarily you have to lock-lips, instead, you can kiss your partner's forehead and tell them how blessed you feel to have them in your life. You can relive beautiful memories and go through the old photographs. You can go on a long drive and can explore some nearby places. But, remember staying true to your commitment is the most important thing in a relationship.

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14 February 2020, Valentine's Day: Love Selflessly

This is the last day of Valentine's week and probably the most important one. In a relationship, it is necessary that you love your partner selflessly and accept them for who they are. To celebrate this day, take your partner on a memorable date and pamper them with whatever they love.

Happy Valentine's Week to everyone!