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10 Pillars Of A Strong And Happy Relationship That You Must Know

There are no fixed guidelines that will make for a healthy romantic relationship. Also, staying happy in a relationship may differ from person to person. Since a relationship involves two people, there should be equal efforts from both ends else it can never stand the test of time.

We have listed 10 necessary steps that will tell you how you can create a strong and healthy relationship.

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1. Trust And Accept Your Partner

Trust is one of the most crucial pillars in a relationship. If you are unable to trust your partner, you won't be able to love him or her. Try to talk things out if you have doubts about your partner's loyalty. It is not wise to end your relationship for silly reasons. Even if they have made mistakes, learn to forgive them and accept them for who they are.


2. Mutual Respect Is Meant To Be Shown

Mutual respect is not meant to be hidden but you shall leave no scope to show your partner that you respect them. Love cannot exist if you do not respect your partner and therefore, it is essential that you let them share their thoughts, opinions or ideas. Encourage them to have their own voice.

When you respect each other, you grow together and acknowledge each other's importance.


3. Effective Communication Is The Key

Effective communication is when you and your partner can discuss problems, challenges and find a common ground for solving the conflicts. It is not good for any relationship if a partner creates boundaries around them and not share anything with their partner, be it good or bad news.

Arguments, misunderstandings or resentments do not make a relationship strong. It is essential that you become a good listener when your partner is saying something, also understand that he or she is not your competitor, so do not mock them or make sarcastic remarks.


4. Self Care Is Not Selfish

Caring for your partner is one effective way of showing how much you love your partner, but it is also important that you care about yourself. It is very simple that when you love yourself, you treat others well. Also, understand that caring is different from worrying about your partner, so give your partner their own space so that they are enough to spend enough time with themselves and have a healthy relationship with you as well.


5. Friendship Always Counts

It is a good thing if friendship evolves into love. Before falling in love with your partner, you need to connect emotionally with them. If you and your partner are good friends then there is a possibility that you both share common interests, preferences and goals and love enjoying each other's company even outside your bedroom. This will help you build trust and will make your relationship strong in many ways.


6. You Both Are Different And Still Equal

No two humans are the same and it is their uniqueness that makes the relationship interesting because both can learn so much from each other. The strength of a relationship is also determined by how beautifully you accept each other's flaws and avoid any sort of conflict. Also, do not compare your relationship with others and waste time over small fights What's important is that your relationship works for you and you and your partner are happy to be together with each other.


7. Be Honest And Speak Love Language Often

Simply trusting your partner is not enough, you need to be honest as well in your relationship. Hiding things from your partner when you know they will not approve certain behaviour of yours, is not a good thing to do. The more you are transparent in your relationship, the stronger is your bonding with your partner. If you tend to have infidelity in your relationship, things may turn sour.


8. Humility Is A Precious Gift

Humility is a sign of a strong person and forgiving someone will definitely make your relationship beautiful. There is nothing wrong in seek apology when you are at fault. This shows you are humble and value your relationship more than anything else. Also, if your partner makes a mistake, be compassionate towards them. Holding grudges can consume a lot of time and therefore, it is best to let it go.


9. Emotional Support Is Must

Providing emotional support to your partner is one of the most important aspects of making your relationship strong. There can be times when your partner may go through some emotional breakdown and may feel low. In such a case, standing by your partner and providing emotional support to your partner will strengthen your relationship. This will also boost their self-esteem in times of crisis and will also make them a stronger person. If you both are there for each other always, then certainly you relationship will be a happy and healthy one.


10. Time Is A Precious Gift

Time is one of the precious gifts that you can give to your partner. Apart from respecting your partner's space and boundaries, if you give them a little bit of attention, your relationship is bound to stay healthy. Materialistic things do not enrich our lives, so why waste time on that. Money can buy comfort, not happiness. Therefore, it is essential that you spend quality time with your partner.

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Be with your partner always, share a strong bonding with each and set healthy boundaries in your relationship. No doubt that your relationship will blossom beautifully and will definitely stand the test of time.

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