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How Cuddling Can Help Couples To Rekindle Their Romantic Relationship

When two people in a relationship face differences, they might put the blame on many factors such as the lack of understanding, love and intimacy. When couples realize their relationship has been lacking physical intimacy, they start to think, if they can bring back the passion, everything might fall in place.

They feel sexual intercourse will help them heal their withering relationship, which is true to some extent.

However, there is one thing that can help you to rekindle your romantic life and it is the simple act of 'cuddling'.

According to a research report published in the Springer's Archives of Sexual Behavior, "Cuddling as relaxing and peaceful as it is, may have some incredible effects on our relationships without us even realizing it."

Cuddling can help in making your relationship grow stronger and deeper. Below are the reasons that tell why cuddling is an important thing in a relationship:

1. It Makes You Feel Good

Stress is not a good thing. When you or your partner are in stress, cuddling can help you relieve the stress. Not only stress, but cuddling can also help you feel good when in worry or a state of anxiety. All you need to do is when you see your special one stressed out, worried or anxious just go and cuddle him/her. This will make them feel good. You can also cuddle your partner when you he/she is mad at you.

2. It Can Be Done Anytime

Cuddling never requires planning. Unlike physical intercourse, you don't have to make plans to cuddle your better half. This means you can happily cuddle your partner whenever you feel like. Moreover, when you cuddle your partner all of a sudden it will be a pleasant surprise to your partner.

3. It Is A Way To Express Love

Sleeping on the same bed every night doesn't mean that you are having a quality time with your partner. One of you might be having hard time at work or facing some difficulties and you may be completely unaware of it. In such a situation, cuddling can help.

Moreover, if you feel that your sweetheart is facing a problem but is not sharing and is keeping the problem to himself/herself then you should initiate cuddling. This will make your partner feel that you are there for him/her. Just hug your partner and fall asleep together. Cuddling will give them a feeling of acceptance and support.

4. It Helps To Communicate Better

Most of the problems in a relationship raise their head due to the lack of communication. Nowadays, people forget to communicate in person as they choose texting to be a better option to convey ideas and thoughts. Moreover, people expect their partner to guess what is running in their mind. Suppose a girl says, "Let him guess what I want to say." The boy may guess something other than what the girl is thinking. This might disappoint both of them.

In such a case, cuddling can help. Words might complicate things but body language can't. Cuddling helps you to connect with your partner without having to say anything.

5. It Brings You Closer

Cuddling is the best way to bring you and your partner close to each other. With regular and passionate cuddling, it is not at all possible for couples to drift apart. Statistically, it is not possible. When you cuddle your partner, your mind and body shut down every external disturbance and pain. You won't experience stress or a fear of getting late.

6. It Increases Intimacy

When you cuddle, you get close physically and emotionally. Cuddling is similar to a prolonged hug and every person loves a warm hug. Babies too require hugs to survive and feel happy. When you cuddle your partner, you pass your positive vibes to them and thus, it brings intimacy between you two. Moreover, cuddling makes your partner feel that you love them dearly. In such a situation, your partner will reciprocate the same.

7. It Is A Good Foreplay

Couples who complain about the lack of a physical relationship should try cuddling. For the same reason, cuddling is good foreplay as it involves so many warm breaths on the neck, whispering sweet nothings into the ears, kisses and sensual touch. Together, they promote a segue for lovemaking. A passionate cuddle can do magic on you and your partner. Just try it!

When a couple cuddles, they focus only on each other. This brings them closer. It is one of the most beautiful things in a relationship and strengthens the relationship between two people.

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