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6 Reasons Why Holidays Can Lead To Divorce Between The Couples

It is no mystery why we fail to bring balance to our urban lifestyle. The busy schedules and work pressure leaves no time to handle our relationships with care and love. While for most of us, holidays meant to rejuvenate ourselves and let go of our worries, recent studies have revealed that divorce rates in couples after holidays are higher and is on the rise.

This is not a very spontaneous action and seems like the couple files for divorce when tension and misunderstanding between them grows because of not giving each other enough time, or clarifying the issues which has been pending for a long time. Apart from that, an increase in travel expenditures, family obligations, and financial burden become contributing factors that might lead to a breakup or divorce.

A study conducted by Julie Brines, an associate professor at the University of Washington in 2015, revealed that most of the divorces filed in March, dates back to the conflict rose during the holidays. It just that, the couple needed some more time to prepare themselves for getting separated or maybe they want to test for one last time by reconciling during the holidays.

But the questions is why do the number of divorces increase during the holidays despite the fact that holidays allow couples to spend time together? Well, here are some reasons listed to understand the issues in a better manner-

1. Financial issues: Financial problem can hit hard on couples at times, even if they have a perfect marriage. So, when travelling expenses, buying gifts or taking care of the entertainment expenses of the family during the holidays are added to the list, no wonder the couple is sandwiched under financial burden. In such a situation, conflicts can arise even in the best of marriages.

2. Family conflicts: There are chances when your better half is not liked by your family members or vice versa. Also, there are circumstances when both families do not like each other but for the sake of holiday, they come together unwillingly. In such cases, hanging out with in-laws can be an emotional burden rather than a celebration. This might lead to clashes among the couple and they might consider divorce as a convenient option.

3. Delay in holiday: Promising your partner for a holiday and then cancelling it can lead to tension between the couples. When you promise something, the other person may start developing expectations. Your spouse might have some businesses to finish before going on a holiday, and when the plan gets canceled, it hurts them badly. They feel neglected and moreover, when you have children, this expectation doubles itself at times. Cancelling plans for a time or two can be acceptable, but repeating it will surely bring problems your relationship.

4. Exposure to weaknesses: Sometimes couples are not well aware of their partners' weaknesses. They think their partners are perfect. But when during holidays, the couple get a chance to spend time with each other 24*7, they come across each other's flaws as well. Instead of adjusting with each other or accepting their flaws, most couple end up judging each other and feel they are incompatible as well.

5. Travelling: Though travelling is fun, your partner might get upset at times. This happens especially when it is a long journey, long wait at the airport, unexpected delays, or changing flights. This can put the couple into a heated discussion or can worsen their relationship if the problem persists long before coming on the holiday.

6. Reconciliation: In many cases, couples and their families decide to test the relationship for the one last time, which is very crucial. For this, they use holidays as the last option to put things back on track. During the holidays, they try to reconcile and solve the differences. Therefore, most of them opt for a vacation during holidays so that they can come close to each other and spend more time together. It is before or during the holidays, when the couple believe they can rekindle the spark between themselves. But, when this chance also fails to work, they decide to call it off or part ways.

Couples facing issues in their married life might experience increased stress during the holidays due to increased interaction. Also, it might be that the couples are reacting to temporary issues. But it is not that every marriage goes through the same. It is that some are unable to cope with their conflicts.

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