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History Of Valentine’s Day: Know The Origin And Why People Celebrate This Day

Every year 14 February is celebrated as Valentine's Day across the world. This is the day when people express their love for their loved ones. Most of people think that this day is meant for couples but this is not true. Anyone can greet their loved ones on this day, be it your family members, friends, siblings and other people who play an important role in your life.

The day is named after St. Valentine. There are many stories associated with the history of Valentine's Day and therefore, we thought of bringing the same for you. Scroll down to read the history and origin of Valentine's Day.

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Origin Of Valentine's Day

It was during the end of the 5th century when 14 February was declared as the Valentine's Day by Pope Gelasius. Legends have it that it originated from a Roman festival that was being celebrated the same period.

History Of Valentine's Day

If we turn the pages of history, we will find that this day was first celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of St. Valentine, a priest who lived during the third century in Rome. He was the one who used to perform wedding ceremonies for lovers who wished to get married to each other.

Claudius II, a Roman King believed that the soldiers who are unmarried are efficient than those who are married and therefore, the King prohibited the young men from getting married. He made a law in which young men, especially those who were capable of serving in the army where asked not to get married. When St. Valentine came to know about this law, he realised the law was unfair and therefore, he continued performing weddings, secretly for young men who desired to get married to their love interests. Moreover, the saint wore a ring having a cupid (love symbol) on it. He also gave paper hearts to young couples and other people to instil love in them.

Sooner, the King came to know about what St. Valentine's act and therefore, the King ordered for St. Valentine's execution. Later people acknowledged his sacrifice. They later thought of dedicating a day to St. Valentine, the one who sacrificed his life for love.

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There is another story in which it is said St. Valentine was put into jail when he was falsely accused in a case. This is when St. Valentine fell into love with his jailer's daughter. The young girl paid regular visits to St. Valentine. Before, being taken for his execution, St. Valentine wrote a letter and signed it with "From Your Valentine." Since then people consider the sign and the name as symbols of love.

According to some other stories, Valentine's Day is observed in the memory of Saint Valentine of Terni who served as Bishop on a Church. It is said that the bishop was sentenced to death and was later executed on the orders of Claudius II.

Why Do We Celebrate This Day

During the 15th century, the word 'Valentine' was used as a term to express love in love poems and stories. Several books, stories and poems with the name of Valentine were published in the 18th century and were quite popular among people, especially youths. It was in the mid 19th century when greetings card became popular during Valentine's Day.

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The major intention of this day is to dedicate a few days to your loved ones. People generally celebrate this day for expressing their love and affection to those who play an important role in their lives. Often parents are seen celebrating this day with their children to express their love and affection. The celebration goes on for seven days, known as Valentine's week and people exchange gifts and wishes with each other.