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    If I Fall In Love With You, How Will The Relationship Look Like?

    "Love me in the way I am and not in the way you want me to be." - A Mixed Nerve

    I have always thought about it. Have you? How would the relationship look like? How do we form a bond that doesn't break? If I fall in love with you, do you think our relationship will make a home for us?

    if i fall in love with you

    Certain things that come into the picture every time I think about falling in love. Relationships are for the ones who work it out in order to evolve, in order to make a better place where two people can confidently rest their ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and most importantly souls.

    I wonder what goes on in your mind. What happens to the people who fall in love? I have never experienced it but I want to know. My curiosity is driving me mad when I think of you and I being in love.

    I want to experience the home of love, the nature of the relationship. I want to know how it feels when two flesh and bones connect with each other. I want to know how happy do we become.


    I fear, I contemplate, I think of ways it can go wrong. "What if" is the biggest question that initiates a lot of trouble in my mind. I want to know how I can overcome these. Things about love and people I have seen and heard seem to be affecting me negatively. I don't want it anymore.

    If I fall in love with you, how will we make it to the end? If I fall in love with you, I want it to be eternal and not end after years.

    If I fall in love with you and we get into a relationship, this is how I want the relationship to be.

    1. Home

    The relationship I want if I fall in love with you is all about the way we make the relationship a home. I don't want you to make me a castle or promise me things that you cannot do, I just want a healthy and happy life with you where you and I can be together and the relationship will be our home.

    Our relationship should be like the rhythm of waves, sometimes high and sometimes low. I don't want you to do many things, I want you to do your thing and I will do mine and we will make the relationship our very own place of rest.

    2. Evolve

    Our relationship should evolve gradually and not be stagnant. I don't want you to surprise me nor do I want you to do anything for me. I want you to think of me as an independent person working hard to build the relationship from scratch just like you.

    I want you to understand that there is only one way for our relationship and it is the way to rise and evolve. I cannot see our relationship just like everyone else. It's ours and we should work for it. We cannot let it go in vain.

    If I fall in love with you, I want you to know there is nothing more beautiful than love. When the love evolves and multiplies, the relationship grows. I want you to do the same for yourself and I will do mine and that is the way we can better the relationship every single time.

    3. Hope

    The relationship we build from scratch will be our silver lining to live in this crooked world. I don't want you to lose hope in the relationship and neither will I. Our relationship won't be perfect but it would be the best chance of being with each other.

    The relationship you and I will build should look like a ray of hope and should be our own zone of comfort.

    4. Eternal

    All I want in the relationship is to someday look up in the sky and tell that it is the fairy tale I had dreamt of and where you can say, yes the love is eternal and the relationship borders its end.

    We should be happy with each other, respecting and cuddling the inner flaws and trying to make ourselves better. We will grow the relationship to become the forever that we craved. We need to make it certain that the way you and I divulge into this relationship is the way everyone should.

    Can we do these all when you and I get into the relationship, if I fall in love with you? Can we make it to the end without losing each other? I want it to be this way and only if you agree that we should do it this way, is only when I will fall in love with you.

    All I want is you to love yourself the most and spread the same love in the relationship and I will do the same. If we can do it this way, we can make it to the end.

    Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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