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Your Relationship Is A Mirror Of How You Treat Yourself

Have you ever met anyone who has plenty of friends and has the best of relationships? Have you given any thought as to why they are so happy and readily give happiness in the form of love to those around and even to their love partners?

There is a simple reason that gives them the ability to do so. They do it because they know how to love themselves first. The relationships you see they have with people around and with their own partners are the mirror image of how they are with themselves. They reflect the love and not just provide people with it.

People with poor relationships with others don't have a healthy relationship with themselves. They have not found the real identity of who they are and look forward to others defining them. They look for love in all the wrong places.

Why is it important to love yourself?

1. To Provide The Love You Want

When you start to love yourself you start to see things differently than earlier. It is very much required that you start loving yourself. In order to give the love to your partner, you have to start loving yourself.

It is very much required in the long run when all the honeymoon phase or the illusional love phase is over. When the honeymoon phase is over you understand each other and that is when you start having fights. Fights occur because you don't provide enough love or you seem to be a different person after the honeymoon phase.

You need to understand that there is nothing to hold back and you have got to show your reality to your partner to love. People fake after the honeymoon phase and things take a turn as your partner starts thinking about you as a different person from what you were.

In order to provide the real you and the real love you have, you have to love yourself first. Start doing it from now and see the results sooner.

2. It Builds Confidence In You

Loving yourself makes you feel confident about yourself. This reflects in your love and you need a lot of confidence when you are in a relationship. Love is all about working for it. If you are not then you cannot give what your partner wants.

Confidence is required for sex. In order to bring forth the best, you need to gather confidence. To have confidence in yourself, you should love and respect the person you are. Once you start doing it, you become more and more confident in your skin, flesh, and bones.

Sex is essential in a relationship and the conjugation of love brings forth a new level of bonding. Think of yourself as a love-building machine and in order to build love you need to make your pillars strong. It can only be done when you start loving yourself.

3. You Start Accepting The Real You

When you start accepting the reality of who you are, you become known to yourself. The love that flows within your mind and body starts to produce more and more love to spread in your surrounding.

Accepting your flaws and your flawed body is the perfect art of loving. We are all flawed and the only way to overcome this flaw is by loving ourselves. The reason there is love all around is because of the love inside of us. Start cultivating in your field and see the magic of love spreading.

4. You Reflect And Start Spreading Love

Once you love yourself you give the love to your partner, to your family, and to the people who mean a lot to you. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone. Love is a reflection of what you feel about yourself inside. When you seek positivity in yourself, you spread positivity around. The same goes for love. Polish your love for yourself and see it reflecting everywhere else.

These are the reasons for you to start loving yourself rather than others defining you. You need to feel the love in you.

If you liked reading the article, clap your hands and spread love. But do give a feedback before that in the comment section below.

Cheers Love!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 19:45 [IST]
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