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How To Not Fall In Love? Turn Away The Trouble In The Other Direction

What makes us fall in love? Why do we go for the wrong ones keeping love in front of our eyes? Why make sudden love when you know it won't last? Things about love that we haven't learned and we still force ourselves into loving someone is the reason for break-ups all around the world.

You must have noticed or experienced first-hand damage that love does when you are with a wrong person who doesn't understand you neither tries to cope up with the relationship. Forcing yourself to fall in love with someone and then getting into a relationship with the desire of making a relationship work with zero ideas of love is the norm of people these days.

People are falling in love in the wrong place with the wrong idea of love and trying hard to force a healthy relationship in a toxic situation which is wrong in the first place and secondly it is not the way of loving or feeling loved. Understanding love in the way it is is the only way. But none do it.

So, this article reveals how to not fall in love, especially for someone who doesn't feel it for you or when the situations are toxic for you to be in love. Remember, love is the most beautiful way of expressing yourself but only with the right person.

What are the signs you need to know in order to not fall in love?

1. Seek The Understanding

Remember, it is not easy to understand love. It takes time to decode feelings in the mind and in the heart. But all you have got to do is understand where it is coming from. Understand the possible outcome of love. When you understand love in your way, you know what you want when it comes to love and then it becomes easier for you to fall in love and also to fall out of it.

All you need is the understanding of love and nothing else.

2. Give Attention To The Details

After understanding and having a fair share of broken relationships, you understand your way of loving is probably not right or else, the choice you have when it comes to falling for someone is wrong. Your type is probably not "your type". You need to shift to some other type.

The type which doesn't hurt you at the end. Try to stay away or keep a distance from "your type" of relationship as it brings only grief to you. Remember there are quite a lot many types and all you have got to do is figure out what exactly is "your type", the type that doesn't kill your love vibe.

3. Be More Realistic

Realistic? Why? Love is all about feeling it. Why be realistic?

It is better to be a real person and be realistic when you are assessing love because if you don't, you end up hurting these days. How do you know the person you are falling for is not thinking it in a realistic manner?

Let's take an example.

You fell in love with someone and now you got hurt in the end. Now the next time you fall in love, won't you think how to make it better and how to not get hurt? If you think the lover you are falling for will not be a perfect match then control your mind and heart. You don't have to divulge into any form of relationship if that's not helping you.

4. Learn From Your Past

Things that you did in the past cannot be repeated in future. If you repeat it you are a loser as you don't learn anything from what happened in your life.

Learning from your past when it comes to love is a must and that matters a lot while falling in love with the next person.

Loving is all about expressing yourself. And if you are not doing it with the right person, then why are you doing it all?

Walk the other way if you think the person you are falling for won't understand you. You are not here on earth to fall in love. It is just a part of you. Walk away and don't hurt yourself by falling now and ruining your life later.

These are the four signs you need to keep in your mind while assessing love or falling in love with someone. If you don't, you will fall, not in love, but in the depth of a painful wound that would take years to heal.

Don't do that to yourself. Don't see profit or loss, see if the person is worthy of your love or the relationship will yield love from both sides. If not then you need to fall out of love this time and seek love again.

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