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Is It Safe To Use Saliva As A Lubricant?

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Dryness down there could make things tough in the bedroom and this is why women generally prefer to use lubricants. Dryness can cause pain and discomfort and kills the joy.

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But romance can't be planned always and you might get in the mood anywhere and anytime and that is when you might wonder what to do as you don't carry lubricants all the time.

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In such a situation, some people might use saliva as the lubricant. But is it okay? Or is it dangerous? If you have such doubts, carefully read these points.


Fact #1

Saliva surely does a good job in moistening the privates. It excites and keeps you wet. So, it surely works as a good lubricant. But wait, read the next point.


Fact #2

Saliva surely comes with bacteria. But if your partner is healthy, it is not harmful at all.


Fact #3

But what if your partner is suffering from infections or cold sores? In such a case, it might not be advisable to use his saliva because there are some chances of contagious diseases spreading through saliva.


Fact #4

If you wish to use a proper lubricant, never go for the oil based ones. Choose a water-based product as it prevents pain and allergies. Also, water-based lube is condom-friendly.


Fact #5

If you wish to avoid using any kind of lubricant including saliva, try others ways to get wet. Stay relaxed and increase the time of the foreplay. Prepare your body for the game and keep your whole body hydrated all the time.


Fact #6

If you wish to use saliva, avoid intercourse with people whose history or health condition is not known to you.


Fact #7

If dryness down there becomes a chronic issue, consult a gynecologist and discuss your issue.

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