Should You Marry A Girl Whose Pictures Are Leaked Online?

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Imagine a situation. A man and a woman fell in love. They dated for a while. They got close to each other physically, emotionally and intellectually. They click lots of pictures.

But after a few months, they break up for some reason. She moves on. But that guy leaks all their private pictures on the web in an attempt to disgrace her. She takes legal action.

But now, she is the person whom you are going to marry. Are you wondering what to do? Then read on...

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Everyone has a past. She too had a past. The only difference is that her past is leaked unfortunately. If you are a guy with an open mind and if she is a good companion in all other areas, then a leaked picture may not stop you from marrying her.

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If her ex boyfriend leaks her pictures, is it her fault? No, as she trusted him like the way any woman would trust a man when in love.

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Are you worried about the social situations? Are you worried about what your friends would say about that? Will they make fun of you? Well, people form their own beliefs. Though it is tough to stay unaffected by people's comments, you can't lose your loved one for the sake of others' opinions.

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Are you planning to marry her out of sympathy? Do you want to feel great by marrying her? Well, in that case, think again. Marry her if you love her. Marry her if she is compatible. Marrying someone only due to sympathy may not be practical. Also, dumping someone only because her pictures are leaked would be foolish and inhuman.

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Some unfortunate incidents trouble us. They rob your sleep. If her leaked pictures are disturbing you too much, if they are creating too many doubts in you then realise that its all in your head. You can overcome that gradually.

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Did the incident make you suspicious? Did it make you look down upon her? Then don't marry her as she deserves someone better than you!

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Marriage primarily needs love, compatibility and companionship. Such factors should be given more preference and the rest can be given second priority. So, if you have love, you can go ahead and marry her.

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