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Is She Caring Or Controlling?

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There is a thin line between caring and controlling. But both of them are totally different. When someone cares for you, you feel good. When someone controls you, it feels suffocating.

Gradually, controlling partners may turn abusive and become toxic as time passes by. But caring partners can make life beautiful in the long run.

If you are confused about the differences, read on to know.

Is She Caring Or Controlling1

Your Habits
When you are smoking, she suddenly comes and pulls the cigarette from your mouth and throws it away and asks you to either quit the habit or forget her- that is controlling!

Explaining you about the unhealthy consequences of addictions and giving you some time to quit is caring.

Is She Caring Or Controlling2

Your Friends
We all have good and bad friends. Bad friends might do some damage behind our backs. When your girlfriend simply asks you to cut all your friendships without giving any reason, it could be controlling.

But is she sits with you and explains how some toxic people in your circle aren't worth being your friends then she cares for you.

Is She Caring Or Controlling5

Your Call Behaviour
When you fail to answer a call or text immediately, she keeps calling you hundreds of times until you answer the call. That's controlling.

But if she texts you saying that she is worried when you didn't answer the call, then it is caring.

Is She Caring Or Controlling7

Your Family
If she can't stand your family members and simply asks you to choose either her or your family then it is controlling.

A caring woman might express her disagreements regarding your family and why she can't stand any of your family members. But at the same time, she may also help you think of ways to live with her without bringing your family in to the picture. A caring woman doesn't give ultimatums every now and then.

Is She Caring Or Controlling1

Your Movements
You have to go out somewhere and she needs all the information about where you are going, who you are meeting and when you are going to come back- that's controlling.

If she simply asks you to stay in touch when you are away, then it is caring.

Is She Caring Or Controlling6

Your Career
If she doesn't like your job or your earnings, she forces you to leave the job and find a high paying job though you love your job- that's controlling.

She allows you to find your passion though it takes time as she knows that money follows when you love your work -that's caring!

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 12:47 [IST]
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