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What Heartbreaks Teach Us


We hate heartbreaks as they cause lots of pain. They could also cause depression and frustration when we don't handle them carefully. When a relationship ends, it shatters anyone.

The pain inside seems to cut your soul into pieces. But those who endure that dark phase and gather strength to move on would again feel that life is beautiful and whatever has happened, happened for the good.

In fact, even relationship experts claim that heartbreaks are important lessons in life and they play a role in the growth and evolution of a person in many levels. Now, let us discuss what heartbreaks teach us...

Heartbreak makes you realise that the world doesn't end when a person walks out of your life. You can still live your life.

Heartbreak brings you back to the ground reality and makes you realise that you aren't any special.

Heartbreak teaches a lot of things about yourself. Unless someone shocks us, we'll never be able to look inside ourselves and make certain changes.

Heartbreak makes you mature and wiser. It makes you a different person altogether. You will view the world in a different way.

You will stop running after fleeting pleasures that relationships offer. You will know where real happiness is. You will stop having false hopes and expectations.

Heartbreak teaches you not to get too attached with anyone. Love is different from attachment.

It shatters all illusions. You must have thought your partner cannot live with you. But when he or she moves on effortlessly leaving you heartbroken, you may realise the truth.

Heartbreak teaches you about the importance of your family and friends. They support you when a partner betrays.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 8:18 [IST]
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