7 Pregnancy Problems That Shouldn't Be Ignored!

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During pregnancy, every single single day is important as the health of the woman must be carefully monitored till the day of delivery.

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During that phase, some abnormal signs and symptoms may need immediate medical attention. The health of the mother and the baby should be safely monitored.

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Here are some such pregnancy problems that may occur anytime from the first trimester to the last. Consult your doctor if you see such signs.



If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, then you must surely visit a doctor. It could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or even a miscarriage. If pain and bleeding occur around the 7th or 8th month, it could be due to placental abruption. Immediate medical checkups are necessary if bleeding occurs during any stage of pregnancy.



Though vomiting is seen as a common aspect of pregnancy, if it never even allows you to eat properly or drink anything then two problems could arise. Firstly, you will be dehydrated and then you will lack nourishment. Then it is important to visit a doctor.


Baby's Activity Level

The activity of the baby in the womb can be monitored using some equipment. Visit a doctor if you don't experience baby kicks inside the womb.


Early Contractions

Contractions in the last trimester could indicate preterm labour. Calling your doctor immediately is important.


Water Breaks

In some women, unexpected leakage of urine could occur due to the enlarged uterus pressing the bladder during pregnancy. Empty the bladder and call a doctor.


Severe Headache & Abdominal Pain

If high blood pressure and severe headache occurs in the third trimester then it could be preeclampsia. A doctor's visit may be necessary.



Some studies claim that pregnant women are more vulnerable to flu. If you observe an flu-like symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

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