What To Do When Your Kid Catches Cold?

By: Shubham Ghosh
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Cold in children is a common and serious problem. Since their immunity is not strong enough, a minimum exposure to cool air or moisture outside can make them suffer a lot. Especially, in case of infants, a slight cold can lead to a serious health problem as well.

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And, moreover, since they can't really use their mouth to breath, as we adults do when our nose gets blocked, the situation can turn terrible for them. We can't go for a quick-relief medicine for babies, as that too can be quite dangerous.

So, next time your baby or child gets a sudden cold and starts coughing and sneezing intensely, how would you cope with the problem?

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Well, here are some common ways to treat this condition, though it is always better to go to a paediatrician in case the cold is intense. So, have a look at these home remedies for cold in children.


Saline Drops

Closed noses can seriously hamper breathing, and it affects the child's sleeping and eating pattern. In that case, give them a few saline water drops that will clear the blocked nose and give some relief. Do this two to three times in a day. In case of babies, a suction bulb is used to clear their congested nose; but it is always better for a doctor to handle the procedure.


More Fluids

Increase your child's fluid intake in times of cold. It will thin down the mucus and give relief. In case of children, water, juice, warm milk, soup, chocolate, etc., can improve a sore throat, though ensure that it is not too hot. For children under the age of six, you can't give any drink other than breast or formula milk. In their case, the quantity of milk can be increased.


Give Honey

Honey does wonders in curing cold, especially in kids. It is even better if you boil water with tulsi leaves and add some honey to it and give it to your child. However, in case of children below one year, it is better to avoid honey, since their digestive system is not well developed, and therefore, having honey may lead to botulism.


Raise Baby’s Head During Sleep

Just like we adults get some relief by using a raised pillow while sleeping, your kid also gain by the same procedure. Fold a towel and place it under the infant's mattress, or in case your kid is older, use another mattress to place his/her head slightly raised. This will help them breathe, in case they have congested noses.


Humidify The Room

As moisture makes it easier to breathe, use a humidifier in the bedroom where your child sleeps. Keep the device clean.


In Case Of Fever...

If the infant is having fever, don't waste time to see a doctor. For babies over six months and toddlers, medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be helpful, but is it always better to consult a doctor before using these drugs. Be careful about overdoses or if your child has any allergy to aspirin, etc.


Foods That Are Easy To Swallow

When children have sore throats caused by cold, they refuse to eat because of the inconvenience they face in swallowing the food. In these cases, give them foods that are easy to swallow, like applesauce, soup, fresh pudding, etc. But for babies below six months of age, no such experimentation should be practised.

For those who have more than one kid at home, the problem can become even more serious, as one child gets easily affected if another has been affected as well. Especially, the cycle goes from the elder to the younger one.

So, it is always better to keep suitable medicines if your younger one is an infant, so that such medicines can be used in an emergency.

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