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Early Signs Of Labour That A Pregnant Woman Must Never Ignore!

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If you are a pregnant woman in the final trimester of your pregnancy, then you should be aware of certain early signs of labour that must not be ignored.

During pregnancy, a woman must exercise extreme caution and must also have thorough knowledge about the various complications that might occur during this time.

Also, a pregnant woman and her family members must ensure that they look into even small changes in her health and take the necessary steps, so that complications can be prevented.

Labour can be described as a phenomenon in which the pregnant woman's body prepares itself for childbirth and a number of changes occur in her body.

Usually, labour is induced during the last few days of pregnancy, when the baby is ready to come of the womb.

However, if there are certain complications, then a woman might experience certain signs of labour early, leading to premature birth.

In case a woman ignores the signs of labour, it could prove to be fatal to herself and her baby.

So, here are a few early signs of labour you must never ignore, have a look.

1. Frequent Urination

early signs of labour

A sign of labour can be frequent urination. As the baby's position in the womb changes, it means the baby is ready for exit, thus applying more pressure on the bladder.

2. Cervix Dilates

early signs of labour

If your doctor notices that your cervix has expanded or dilated, it could be an early sign of labour, as your cervix expands to aid childbirth.

3. Cramps

early signs of labour

As your muscles are stretching and shifting to aid childbirth, you may experience painful cramps in your lower abdomen.

4. Back Pain

early signs of labour

Another sign of labour can be acute back pain, again, caused due to the shift and contraction of muscles.

5. Loose Joints

early signs of labour

You may feel like your joints are getting loosened, as a hormone called relaxin is produced in our body to loosen the joints to make childbirth easier.

6. Loose Motions

early signs of labour

Another symptom of labour is experiencing diarrhoea, as the muscles of your rectum also loosen up due to the effects of the relaxin hormone.

7. Weight Loss

early signs of labour

Yet another early sign of labour can be weight loss, which is seen in a few women, caused by diarrhoea and lower levels of amniotic fluids.

8. Contractions

early signs of labour

The muscles of the uterus tighten and relax, in intervals, in preparation for childbirth, causing contractions, which is another early sign of active labour.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 15:17 [IST]
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