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10 Benefits Of Coconut Water For Pregnant Women

By Shubham Ghosh

Natural ingredients are generally considered good for human health. Coconut water is one such natural fluid which has several such benefits, and it is a far better alternative to sweetened drinks. But, is coconut water equally good for pregnant women as it is generally for normal people?

Drink Coconut Water But In Moderation

Coconut water is good, as it safeguards pregnant women from getting dehydrated and is effective against problems like morning sickness. Coconut water is also good for heartburn and constipation - things that are commonly associated with pregnancy. But, it is advisable to drink coconut water in moderation (one glass a day).

Would-be Moms, Drink Coconut Water In The Morning..

For pregnant women, the best time to drink coconut water is early in the morning. It is because the electrolytes and nutrients in it are best absorbed when our stomach is empty. Other nutritional content in coconut water include:






Dietary fibre


Health Benefits That Coconut Water Offers To Pregnant Women:

During pregnancy, these are the benefits that you get from fresh coconut water:

1. Helps In Maintaining A Good Health: Since coconut water is free of fat and also low in calories, it doesn't cause accumulation of fat in an already overweight body of pregnant women. Taking coconut water helps would-be moms and the babies in their womb to avoid unhealthy sugary drinks, as it is a perfect alternative to them.

2. Helpful Electrolytes: Electrolytes help during pregnancy, as problems like nausea, morning sickness and diarrhoea leave the body dehydrated. Coconut water includes all five essential electrolytes like minerals, calcium, potassium, etc. These electrolytes also help in the muscles' functioning and control blood pressure levels. The cooling properties cure problems like vomiting.

3. Naturally Diuretic: Coconut water is a diuretic agent, since it increases urination because of the mineral content, including potassium and magnesium. It helps in getting rid of the toxins and cleans the urinary tract, hence helping the kidneys' functioning and preventing urinary infection. Through this, coconut water reduces chances of a pre-term labour.

4. Reduces Heartburn And Constipation: Pregnancy period sees hormonal changes and that gives birth to problems like constipation, indigestion and heartburn. The dietary fibre in coconut water improves the digestive system and prevents constipation. Coconut water improves metabolism and neutralises the acid, hence curing heartburn.

5. Deals With Infection: Since coconut water has a rich content of essential nutrients, it helps improve the immunity level in pregnant women. The lauric acid in coconut water produces a powerful anti-virus called monolaurin, which neutralises various infections.

6. Improves Heart Conditions: Coconut water improves the level of potassium, magnesium, lauric acid, etc., which regulate the blood pressure. It also boosts good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. The vitamins and essential proteins improve blood circulation and thereby keep your heart in a perfect condition.

7. Reduces Sugar Content: Coconut water's low sugar content also lowers the possibility of getting affected by gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

8. Gives Energy: Coconut water helps in gaining energy if one is suffering from frequent exhaustion and fatigue during pregnancy. Coconut water's hydrating effects improve the skin's elasticity, hence restraining stretch marks that are caused by pregnancy.

9. Helps The Foetus To Grow: Coconut water, by means of offering essential nutrients to mothers, helps in nourishing the foetus and ensures that it grows at a healthy rate.

10. Improves The Level Of Amniotic Fluids: Coconut water improves the level of amniotic fluid, which in turn improves the health of the foetus. This is a benefit coconut water offers in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Side Effects Of Coconut Water:

Coconut water is mostly safe, but two things that pregnant women can keep in mind while taking it are:

1. Ripe coconut water can cause constipation

2. Sodium in coconut water may not be good for would-be mothers who have pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy disorder marked by high blood pressure and a large amount of protein in urine.

Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 7:52 [IST]