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12 Important Pregnancy Tips


After getting pregnant, there are mixed feelings of stress of happiness. Stress is related to the care of baby inside the womb. You become extra cautious about the things you do and eat.

How to care for your pregnancy? There are some important pregnancy tips or cautions during pregnancy that we will share with you.

It is true that the foods you eat and your activities have a direct effect on the baby. Especially if this is your first pregnancy then there is a confused state of mind regarding what to do and what not

Is Your Weight Gain Healthy In Pregnancy

A pregnant lady wants to get more information about her pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different from the another. Many women experience severe symptoms while others don't.

If you want your pregnancy happier and healthier then you have to follow some tips. Today, Boldsky will share with you some important pregnancy tips. Have a look at some cautions during pregnancy.


Take Folic Acid

It is must to take during pregnancy. It prevents major birth defects in your baby. You have to take folic acid supplement. Take a dose of 1000 mcg of folic acid daily. Also take foods rich in folic acid such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, and oranges etc.


Cook Meat, Chicken And Eggs Properly

Uncooked meat, chicken and eggs can cause bacterial infection that can harm you and your baby. It is recommended to fry or boil eggs properly and cook meat well.


Keep A Check On Your Thyroid Gland Function

After hearing your pregnancy news, you should go for a thyroid test. If you have under active thyroid (hypothyroidism), then it is important for you to take thyroid hormones. Deficiency of thyroid hormone can badly affect your baby's brain development.



What to eat during pregnancy? Protein foods plays an important role for the growth of your baby. You can take milk, dairy products, beans, legumes, fish, chicken and meat etc as a source of protein. This is an important pregnancy tip.



You have to take certain vaccines to protect you and your baby from future infections. They will strengthen your baby's immunity against many infections. Talk to your doctor regarding your vaccination regime. This is one of the important things to do in pregnancy.


Avoid Bad Fats

Avoid Tran's fats and saturated fats as they increase the cholesterol level. They can harm you and your baby's health. Avoid packed, oily and processed foods that contain trans fats. This is an important cautions during pregnancy.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It can benefit you and your unborn baby in many ways. It supports the brain health of your foetus. It will also lower your cholesterol level and keep your blood pressure normal. Have nuts, salmon fish, and flaxseed oil etc as a source of omega 3 fatty acids.


Wash Your Fruits Well

Before eating any fruit ensure that you wash them well before eating. As there may be many pesticides sprayed on them. They can harm you and your baby. Wash vegetables also if you are going to eat them as salad.


Have A Balanced Diet

You must get all nutrients in proper amounts including vitamins and minerals. Eat a different variety of foods such as legumes, milk, pulses, eggs, green leafy vegetables and fruits etc.


Avoid Papaya And Pine Apple

They are not good for pregnancy and may trigger miscarriage. Ask your doctors which foods can harm your pregnancy.


Take A Prenatal Vitamin

Your doctor will prescribe you some vitamin supplement that will help in the normal growth of your baby. You must take them daily to prevent any risk of pregnancy.


Stay Hydrated Always

It is important for you and your baby. You should drink lot of fruit juices and water. This will flush out all the toxins from your body.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 14:33 [IST]