Aerobic Exercises To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life! It is a period in life that she will enjoy. The activity of the mother is going to have an impact on the child. When you are gearing up to welcome the newcomer in your family, it is important that you do your regular exercises. Pregnancy is a time which demands some physical activity. The physical activity you do now is also going to help you during the labour.

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It is natural for women to become conscious about their health during pregnancy. A little physical activity is good for the mind and body of the mom and the child. She is bringing a new life, a new being, into this world. A little exercise combined with nutritious food will make the mom and child healthy. If you are a mom-to-be, then you might be interested in reading this as it is going to benefit you in your pregnancy period. Keeping that in mind, here we bring to you a few aerobic exercises that are good for pregnant ladies. Read on to find out which are the safe aerobics exercises for pregnancy.

Aerobic Exercises To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

1. Swimming

Swimming is fun and healthy too. During swimming, the water offers enough resistance to the body movements. This is one of the best aerobics for pregnancy. Not just that, you can do a number of other exercises while in the swimming pool. You can try doing a mermaid paddle or stand in the corner of the pool and do some exercise for your legs. This is one of the recommended aerobics for pregnant ladies. Swimming is going to relax your mood too. Aerobics for pregnancy may be many but it is up to you to choose which one suits you the best. Also talk to your doctor about the kind of exercises you should opt for.

2. Walking

The simplest aerobic exercise during pregnancy is walking. While you opt for walking, take special care that you buy a good pair of walking shoes. If you are not so fond of walking alone, then invite someone for company. Walking with your spouse could also be a good experience. Aerobics for pregnancy needs to be followed regularly. Walking is also considered the best aerobic exercise for pregnant ladies.

3. Stationary bike

You may have to bother about the weather when you go out for walking. However, with a stationary bike you face no such problems. The main advantage of a stationary bike is that you can fix it anywhere you like. It could be in front of your television or somewhere in your bedroom. However, when you use a stationary bike see to it you start off slowly and then gradually increase your pedalling speed. It is imperative that you be cautious while indulging in any form of aerobic exercises during pregnancy.

4.Step aerobics

This is one of the aerobics for pregnancy that is going to yield good benefits. Keep a sturdy, low stool and step up and down several times. Repeat the activity for about fifteen minutes in a day. This is a healthy aerobics exercise for pregnant ladies. Take care that you do this activity slowly and then increase the duration gradually. It is important that you don’t exert yourself too much while doing aerobics exercises during your pregnancy.

Hope the above choices have kindled an enthusiasm for aerobic exercises in you! Try them out for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 30, 2014, 3:46 [IST]
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