7 Post Pregnancy Hidden Feelings Of A Woman

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Pregnancy no doubt has it's own share of feelings, as experienced by every woman. But, post pregnancy, it is a mixed bag of emotions that no woman has the ability to explain.

When you give birth to that wonderful bundle of joy, parents cannot explain in words the joy they experience.

Women especially go through a ton of hormonal changes before and after giving birth, and post pregnancy, those changes are the most dramatic.

According to science, there are normally 7 hidden feelings of a woman. Given in the article are some of the things new mothers face after the birth of their child and though everyone has advice when it comes to what to expect during pregnancy, few women take the time to prepare for the emotional roller coaster ride that ensues post-delivery.

So, here are some of the things that you should expect to see in a woman a few months after she has given birth. Kindly bear with her, as these feelings will gradually ease out as time permits.



Severe mood or anxiety symptoms combined with symptoms such as loss of motivation, no sleep and feelings of hopelessness are some of the sad thoughts which accompany the mind of a woman post pregnancy.



The second greatest feeling a new mother would face is fear.From minor fears to more complex ones, the feeling of fear can be overwhelming for many new mums especially in the early stages of parenthood, post pregnancy.



It is said that a woman's positive emotions are exaggerated post-delivery just like your negative ones, and this overwhelming happiness usually finds its way into the mix. It is quite weird, but it is the most happiest thing in the world.



A research shows that significant anger and irritability can be symptoms of postpartum mood disorders. They are common problems post pregnancy that women face.


The Unimaginable Jitters

Women are generally very emotional after giving birth.Post pregnancy you may be more easily startled, very tense, or even very anxious, and this is very normal.



You may feel deeply affected emotionally by everyone and everything. It is a feeling you might get confused over, after a period of time.



A lot of mothers will admit to it, since the feeling of doubt overpowers their mind at times. To get rid of this doubting nature, talking to your partner is ideally the best thing to do.

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