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Placentophagy: What You Should Know About Eating Placenta
Placentophagy, also known as placentophagia, is a term that has originated from the union of the words "placenta" and the Greek terminology for "to eat". It refers to an act wherein mammals eat the placenta after childbirth. Read on to understand ...
Here Is All You Need To Know About Placentophagy

Everything You Need To Know About Cesarean Post Natal Care
Childbirth is a wonderful experience. But it sure isn't a pleasant one. It is a popular misconception that cesarean or C-section childbirth is the easier way out. The mother doesn't have to bear the labour pain or have to deal with ...
Changes That Happen Once A Woman Stops Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is one of the most cherished parts of having a baby. Most moms would tell you that they loved breastfeeding inspite of the many challenges they may have faced through the process of getting accustomed to it. Though the baby ...
Changes That Happen When We Stop Breastfeeding
Expert Tips To Deal With Post Natal Depression!
If you have given birth to a child recently and you have not been feeling very well, mentally, then chances are that you could be suffering from post natal depression, also known as postpartum blues. Post natal depression is a condition ...
7 Fruits That Make Your Baby Sick When You Breastfeed
Breastfeeding your newborn is a healthy way to make him/her grow strong and beautiful. If new mums have the ability to breastfeed their child, they should do so without hesitation. Did you also know that whatever food you consume it can ...
Seven Fruits That Make Your Baby Sick When You Breastfeed
Post Delivery Surprises Every Mother Should Expect
Delivery is no fun at all, and not to forget the postnatal stress and depression that some women go through. According to experts, it is said that there are some surprises women face after the birth of their child. From a ...
Which Spices Will Increase Breast Milk Production?
How many of you new mothers add spices to your meal? A new study suggests that if you are having trouble with milk production, the only thing that can help is using home remedies. Apart from having a well-balanced meal and ...
Which Spices Will Increase Breast Milk Production
Is Ghee Healthy For Mothers Post Delivery?
Ghee is considered to be better than vegetable oil. Ranked among the healthiest and most nutritious one after olive oil, ghee should be added to every meal that you consume every day. However, too much of this saturated butter can be ...
7 Post Pregnancy Hidden Feelings Of A Woman
Pregnancy no doubt has it's own share of feelings, as experienced by every woman. But, post pregnancy, it is a mixed bag of emotions that no woman has the ability to explain. When you give birth to that wonderful bundle of ...
Seven Post Pregnancy Hidden Feelings Of A Woman
Foods To Avoid That Goes Into Breast Milk
Mothers have to be cautious about many things, starting from the pregnancy up to breastfeeding their newborns. The foods that a mother eats has a huge impact on the baby, not only during pregnancy but also during breastfeeding. If you are ...
Signs Of Delivery Pain
Being a mother is the ultimate experience which makes a girl a perfect woman. After 10 anticipating months you will get your little angel in your lap. What a blissful experience that will be! But bearing a child in your womb ...

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