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Strange Symptoms During Pregnancy: 6 Things To Expect


Pregnancy is not at all easy, ask the many mama's who have been through the whole nine months of pain. During pregnancy, a woman faces a number of problems that are common, in which few can be quite complicated.

Pregnancy also has its ups and downs; and women who have been a witness to these strange symptoms during the tenure know exactly how it feels like and how to handle a weird situation. Did you know that during pregnancy a woman can experience water retention in the first month after conceiving?

Well, recent studies have shown that there are chances of the body swelling up due to water retention and, in some cases, it could also be due to excessive weight gain, which again is a normal sign that happens during pregnancy.

Today, Boldsky discusses some of the strange symptoms that every 2 out of the 5 women face when they are pregnant. If you are one of those women who are currently battling out any of these problems, there is no need to worry and panic.

There are solutions to every problems; and with the introduction of new technology, you and your baby will be in good hands. Hence, take a look at some of these strange symptoms that happen during pregnancy:


Swollen Gums

One of the common problems women face during pregnancy is swollen gums. The gums swell up with blood, and thus leads to many other dental issues. The reasons for swollen gums is due to the changing levels of progesterone and oestrogen and increased blood flow.


Nose Swelling

When you are pregnant, there is also a chance of your nose getting swelled up. The lining inside the nose too turns dry and this can lead to problems like a bleeding nose. Saline drops can be used to prevent this pregnancy problem.


Growing Feet

The weirdest symptom during pregnancy is that your feet grow too. Shocked? According to a recent research, a pregnant woman's feet grows on a temporary basis. The hormone relaxin is the sole cause, as this hormone loosens the ligaments in your pelvis to allow the baby to come out, but it may have a lasting effect on the joints in the feet, causing them to flatten and become wider and/or longer.


Your Skin

Skin tags, acne, blemishes, dark spots and the works occur during pregnancy, and the reason for this is the change of hormones in the body. To deal with these skin issues all you need to do is to follow a list of home remedies, as they are effective and extremely safe to use when compared to other products sold in the market.


The Veins

A growing baby needs a huge supply of blood to deliver extra oxygen and nutrients; therefore, the veins in your body also tend to expand or widen. When these veins expand, a pregnant woman experiences certain amount of pain and swelling. To prevent this, you can elevate your legs, so that the blood circulation improves through your tenure of pregnancy.


Tummy Problems

One of the common and strange symptoms during pregnancy is reoccurring digestive issues. This is because there is an increase in the progesterone level, which slows down the transit time of the food from your stomach to the intestines, thereby leading to problems such as constipation.

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Story first published: Monday, January 4, 2016, 16:32 [IST]