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Butter Vs Ghee: Which Is Better For Your Health?
Both butter and ghee have been used in kitchens for centuries. Ghee is a commonly used product in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, religious rituals, and traditional medicines. On the other hand, butter is also considered a reputed dairy product prepared ...
Butter Vs Ghee Which Is Better For Your Health
Reasons For Metallic Taste During Pregnancy
Changes in the nature of the body cannot be avoided when one turns pregnant. Some lucky ones sail through the nine months with ease but most women have had to adjust to the changes be it big or small. This one ...
Weak Taste Buds May Lead To Weight Gain
People with a reduced ability to taste food choose sweeter -- and likely higher-calorie -- fare, thereby paving the way for gaining unhealthy weight, says a study."We found that the more people lost sensitivity to sweetness, the more sugar they wanted ...
Weak Taste Buds May Lead To Weight Gain
Why Are Bitter Foods Good For You?
Have you ever wondered why some animals eat bitter plants when they fall sick? Is it of any use? Well, there seems to be a link. Bitter taste seems to heal. When you eat too much of junk, you tend to ...
The Brits' Nicknames For Tea
Though British people consume around 165 cups of tea every day, they are not able to describe its taste, says a new study. If asked about the taste, they are not able to describe it better than a mere 'hot' or ...
Brits Describe Tea
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