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Relevance Of 40 Days Post Pregnancy

By: Mona Verma
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This is the toughest phase in a woman's life - the 9 months of pregnancy followed by 40 days of rest. Now many people don't know the relevance of the first 40 days post delivery and as a result, they face severe repercussions later on in life.

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This practice may vary from country to country, as this is the golden period to develop the bond between the child and the mother. The utmost reason and the most scientific is that, the human body undergoes a tremendous change, especially if it's a first child.

The entire internal system is upside down and the uterus expands almost 8-10 times. Hence, the internal organs have to be back to shape and the body has to recover; hence, it is important to take rest for minimum 40 days.

Some people wonder, 40 days? Such a long period! It's such a restriction and all that. But you have to do it for yourself dear readers, not for anyone else. Some people take even more time to recover, but it's all about rest.

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Later on, people crib of facing problems like arthritis, uterus problems and back problems and so on, just because they became too careless in taking care of themselves, but that becomes too late to realize. Instead of considering it as a confinement, enjoy this period with yourself and your new born.

You have recently become a breast feeding mother and breast feeding is the toughest task. No matter whether you had a normal delivery or a C-section, your body has undergone some pain - both physically and emotionally. Just recover as much as you can.

Earlier, it was believed that these 40 days help you to get back the strength and immunity. That's why mothers or mother in-laws or midwives help you to get back on track. Your body needs to heal, re-energize and become strong like before. Simultaneously, your baby needs to adjust to the outside world and needs to feel your warmth and recognize the faces of the family.

Few changes that you undergo are:


Fact #1

Your uterus requires minimum 6 weeks to get back to the previous size and shape. You may feel certain contractions especially while breast feeding.


Fact #2

Some muscles get tough during pregnancy, and gradually, they become soft. This is all due to the hard work you've undergone during delivery.


Fact #3

In case of normal delivery, blood loss is more and some have severe bleeding. In C-section as well, the bleeding isn't much, but still, there is a good amount of blood loss. Hence, the body needs to recover from the blood loss as well.


Fact #4

Your breast may feel a bit heavy due to collection of milk. In such case, you need to keep or massage your breast with a hot towel to keep them soft and prevent the formation of milk lump.


Fact #5

So you must have adequate sleep and rest. Have a proper diet. Have a helping hand to manage the household tasks.

Those who are about to become new mommies should be prepared to face and accept the challenge. It's the toughest job you are picking. So enjoy the time and understand the importance of 40 days.

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