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You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity

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Gradually, the problem of childhood obesity is turning into a burning issue everywhere, thanks to the foods that we eat today.

Health estimates claim that the rates have almost doubled in the past few decades which means today, we have double the number of obese children on this planet compared to a few decades ago.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity

Some parents are unaware of the ill-effects of childhood obesity. Others are totally aware of the dangers but find no time to take action to prevent the situation due to a busy schedule.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity6

Health experts now say that how a parent deals with the problem of childhood obesity is very important as only a parent tends to have more control over the food choices and activity levels of the kid.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity8

But wait. Health experts recommend handling the issue with care. Making the kid conscious about his weight issues may develop inferiority complex and at the same time, if you choose to be silent he or she may not even realise that they are in an unhealthy state.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity2

Generally, obese kids may feel ashamed when someone makes them realise about their bodies. Also, that could cause depression if they are made fun of. But as a parent, if you do nothing about it, the problem may take uglier proportions.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity3

Health experts opine that parents may need to totally refrain from making any kind of comments about the weight or the look of the child. Instead, parents may need to inspire the baby to eat healthy and play as much as possible to burn those calories.

You Mustn't Make Fun Of Kid's Obesity4

Also, parents may educate the kids about healthy foods and unhealthy foods without making them feel conscious about their bodies. This way, the problem may need to be handled with utmost care as it is a sensitive area of life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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