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What's Meant By Egg Freezing?

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Egg freezing is one of the fertility preservation methods available nowadays. Preserving method like egg freezing can be used in certain health conditions where fertility is at risk. As the age goes on, women find it difficult to conceive.

Egg freezing has become popular among women who want to extend their child-bearing years. It is a process in which the biological clock will be stopped to expand reproductive options by preserving younger and healthier eggs.

This technique was unsuccessful in the past due to the preservation technology. But a tremendous change in the technology has developed since five years, and now egg freezing is becoming a successful method of fertility preservation.

In this process, ovaries are stimulated and multiple eggs thus produced are retrieved and taken to the laboratory and stored under a subzero degree tempertaure.

Once the woman is ready for pregnancy, the egg is taken and warmed and then fertilized with the sperm.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this process. However, in this article, let's talk more about this preserving fertility technology.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing1

Multiple Eggs:
For egg freezing, doctors examine you well and ovaries are stimulated with hormones. Multiple eggs will be produced and they will be taken to the lab for cooling. The best thing is that you will come to know more about your eggs and their functions or productivity. Doctors observe your productivity and comprehend and make you understand further on this process.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing2

Injection For Stimulation:
Your ovaries will be stimulated with hormones to produce multiple eggs. There is nothing to worry, as it is a painless procedure and the doctor or the nurse will give you a detailed description on the effects of it.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing3

Investigate Before:
With high technology, it is now possible to investigate the productivity of the eggs doctors had taken. Even though the doctors have taken multiple eggs, there are chances that some eggs will not give the effective result.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing4

Needs Time:
As egg freezing is a process of preserving fertility, it needs ample time. Only with many tests and analyses, doctors will start the pr ocess. The first month is for performing all the blood tests and ultrasound scans to check the capacity of your eggs.

If your eggs are good enough for freezing, they will start the next process. The second month is to monitor the growth of your eggs. For this, you will be given some medicines and you will be monitored with blood tests and scanning. Once your ovulation is perfect, the eggs will be retrieved. Usually around 15 eggs are taken for the freezing procedure.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing5

Ideal Age For Egg Freezing:
Egg freezing is a process to take young and productive eggs from your ovaries. So, the ideal time for egg freezing is between 20s and 30s. It is seen that by the age of 35, women tend to reduce the fertility power. In the early 30s as well as in the 20s, the eggs will be of high productivity and more healthier.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing6

Yes, of course it is a bit costly. But, the best part is that you will have a peace of mind soon after the process starts. Not only that, egg freezing is less expensive when compared to other fertility treatments after a certain age.

What's Meant By Egg Freezing

Every scientific method bears risks and it can be confirmed only after the successful completion of the whole procedure. Here also the same is applicable. There is a reliable insurance plan, but the guarantee of delivering a baby with this procedure is not there.

Hence, with all the pros and cons, egg freezing has become a popular method of fertility conservation among youngsters today.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2016, 10:03 [IST]
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