7 Steps To Cope With Infertility

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Coping With Infertility
Infertility is a condition that many men and women are learning to life with. If you are one of the unfortunate ones then you too have to cope with infertility. It is possible to live with this condition only if you banish self pity from your life.

Receiving The News..

The first step to cope with infertility comes with the confirmation of infertility. This done conducting a series of tests. When the final result for all possible tests come and it says 'you will not get pregnant', it falls on you like a stone in the pit of your stomach.

It is natural to feel that all the light has gone out of your life. However, life is a reality that you cannot deny. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and use these points to decide your future course of action.

Steps To Cope With Infertility:

1. No test in the world can be 100 percent accurate so, keep the flame of hope burning. You need not resign to your fate because no piece of paper can pronounce that you will be infertile for ever.

2. While you hope to get pregnant, you will also have to cope with infertility practically. Find out what is the exact cause of infertility in your case. If there is any treatment available for your problem, just go for it.

3. Talk to your partner because he is going through the same pain as you are. Not having a child is a collective sorrow that you have to face as a couple. Your not getting pregnant will affect him too.

4. Receiving the news will throw you into panic gear but it is important to keep your calm now. Keep a stock of all the options available to you and arrange them in descending order of preference like IVF treatment, surrogate mother, adoption and so on.

5. Treatments like IVF are surrogacy are expensive. If you really want to go for them, then you will have to start arranging for the finances. It might be a good time to talk to your bank and arrange loans if they are required.

6. Adoption is a lengthy legal process and you will need a good lawyer to help you. You will also need a good psychotherapist to help you cope with infertility and accept the new responsibility of adoption.

7. The shock of not getting pregnant is best taken take of by being busy. Doing all these the above mentioned will keep you busy. You will not have to go through idle hours of desperation and that is vital for your sound mental health.

To cope with infertility, you need to be strong and determined. Have faith in yourself and the people around you like your partner, doctor and other well wishers. And always remember, you are not alone, there are many women like you who have gone through this before.

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Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2012, 12:55 [IST]
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