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Expert Speaks About Male Infertility And Why It Shouldn't Be Ignored

Infertility among men is on a rise these days. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress and improper diet are some of the major causes of low sperm count. Although it does not pose any hindrance in fooling around under the sheets, becoming pregnant is difficult if the sperm count of the man is low. According to many studies, every 1 out of 10 couples suffer from fertility problems and the reason is low sperm count in men. The facts state, to conceive the male partner has to release at least 40 million sperms per ejaculation [1].

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Many young men, even men in their early 30s, suffer from low sperm count. The main reason why your sperm count is low is an improper lifestyle. In some cases, birth defects or some illnesses might interfere with the production of sperm. But mostly, it is nothing other than an unhealthy lifestyle that is making men impotent these days [2].

A low sperm count is diagnosed when the number of sperms falls below 20 million in a millilitre of semen. The normal range of sperm count should be between 20 million and 120 million per millilitre of semen, according to the World Health Organisation. And low sperm count has become one of the most common health issues in recent times [3].

Some of the other major causes of low sperm are genetic problems, malnutrition, testicular injury, excessive alcohol consumption, prescribed medications, environmental toxins, smoking, drugs, nutrient deficiencies like zinc, obesity, stress etc.

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Expert Speaks About Male Infertility

Dr Richa Singh, IVF specialist from Max Hospital, Delhi, while speaking to Boldsky, says that, "If a couple is unable to conceive naturally, this childlessness is one of the hormonal disorders not only in women but also in men, male infertility shouldn't be ignored. If a couple is trying to conceive for more than a year continuously and still is not able to get a child, the concerned couple should seek the best IVF hospital advice without any delay."

She continues, "If a couple is unable to conceive, it is not due to the low quality of the female eggs at all times, but it can also be the reason for male fertility. It has become old when a woman who struggles for a child was considered infertile."

When To Consult A Doctor?

Regularly without the usage of any contraceptive medicines, if a pregnancy is not detected in a year, then medical guidance is required [4].

  • Sudden ejaculation
  • Low libido
  • Problems during sexual activity
  • Inflammation of the scrotum
  • Pain or discomfort in the testicular
  • Prostate related problem
  • Testis, or testicle surgery

How Is Male Infertility Diagnosed?

It is important to know the problem of a male who is suffering from infertility. A man has to undergo a thorough physical examination, medical history, etc. to check the causes of infertility. The next step in this is sperm evaluation, also known as semen analysis test. This test is done under the guidance of the breeding team inside the lab.

A man's semen sample goes for a semen analysis test. Then the calculation of the sperm takes place in the semen [semen fluid], the composition of the sperm, the speed of the sperm (whether sperm are moving at a speed or not) in the laboratory. These tests are done to determine the quality of sperm.

How To Treat Male Infertility?

Dr Richa Singh points out that there are many ways to treat male infertility causes [5][6].

  • IUI Techniques: It is one of the male infertility treatments, where the washed sperm is placed directly into the uterus. In the process of IUI, the semen sample obtained by the male partner is cleaned through a different technique. After washing the sperm, they are free from any impurities and dirt. Such a clean sperm helps the couple conceive. The IUI process can also be performed with or without a stimulant-causing drug. If the drug is not used, the cleaned sperm is transferred to the woman's uterus at the time of ovulation. The IUI is recommended when the male has underlying reproductive problems.
  • IVF Treatment With ICSI: IVF Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is one of the advanced treatments. During the IVF technique, eggs are obtained from the female partner and fertilized with sperm. If there is a problem with the quality of a man's semen or sperm, specialists will apply the ICSI technique with IVF. During the ICSI, a sperm is injected directly into each egg. ICSI is the process where experts choose the least active sperm to inject directly into the egg. ICSI is the best technique for men who have low sperm count or motility.
  • IVF - ICSI Surgical Sperm Retrieval Method: The SSR or surgical sperm retrieval procedure is a procedure in which sperm are surgically collected from the reproductive parts of the male (testes, epidermis). This process is accomplished using IVF-ICSI technology. The process of SSR is performed when there is no sperm in the male's own ejaculation, but sperm are being produced in the testes.

On A Final Note...

If you are having trouble conceiving and your partner is diagnosed with male factor infertility, some treatments can help in addition to lifestyle factors. Some of the easy ways to improve one's sperm count are by adopting a healthy lifestyle devoid of alcohol and binge eating, as well as with a good amount of exercise and meditation to relieve yourself of stress.

About the doctor: Dr. Richa Singh is a well-known IVF specialist from Delhi who is now located at Lucknow. She is one of the founders and Director of Urvara Fertility Center. She is a dedicated infertility and IVF specialist with a proven track record of high IVF success rates.