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Can You Feed Your Baby With Cow's Milk?


Health experts recommend waiting till your baby reaches the age of 1 year to feed him or her with cow's milk. This is because a baby may not able to digest cow's milk before reaching a particular age as it contains minerals and proteins in heavy doses.

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The kidneys of the baby may feel burdened at that age. In some babies, the protein content present in cow's milk could also irritate the lining of the stomach.

As your kid grows up, offering cow's milk isn't a problem. As it contains calcium which is required for the development of teeth and bones, it becomes an important part of the kid's diet.

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Milk also contains vitamin D which is important for the body to absorb calcium well. And then milk also provides carbohydrates for energy and protein for growth.


How Much Milk Is Recommended?

Two cups of milk is enough to offer sufficient levels of calcium to a toddler who is above one year of age. It is not advisable to offer more than that as the child may not be able to consume other foods.


What Kind Of Milk Is Preferable?

Whole milk is advisable unless your baby is above healthy weight. After your child crosses he age of 2 years, you may think of offering low fat milk. If your child is already overweight or if you have a family history of cholesterol or heart issues then you can stick to low fat milk after the first year itself.


If The Baby Hates Cow's Milk...

Some babies like cow's milk whereas some don't. If that is the case, find other ways to include it in the diet. Offer it in the form of custard, pudding or mix it with breakfast cereals (if your kid is of the age).


What If The Child Is Intolerant?

If your baby is lactose intolerant then your doctor may prescribe supplements for calcium and vitamin D.


Is Raw Milk Ok?

Well, most of the health experts recommend only pasteurised milk as raw milk could come with parasites and bacteria that could cause health issues.


Can You Force Feed The Baby?

No, if the baby hates milk and refuses to consume the daily recommended amount of 2 cups, then consult your doctor and know about other foods that can compensate the same nutrients.

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