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How To Discipline Your Toddler Without Spanking?
Parenting can get tough at times, especially when your toddler just refuses to listen to you. How many times we as parents have come across situations where our toddlers make an extravagant demand that you cannot fulfil, that too in the ...
How To Discipline Your Toddler Without Spanking

How Do You Treat Eczema In Toddlers?
Skin problems are not limited to adults alone. In fact, there is a fair share of toddlers who suffer from skin ailments. Toddlers suffer from skin problems quite as much as adults themselves. Due to them being constantly exposed to the ...
How To Decode Your Baby's Cough
If you are a parent of an infant or even a toddler, the well being of your child would be of utmost priority to you. This happens especially due to the fact that babies or toddlers may be prone to illnesses ...
How To Decode Your Babys Cough
What Should You Feed Your Toddler
As a parent, it is only normal that you worry about your child's nutrition. It is said that children are most fuzzy about eating at the toddler age. They are restless during this phase of life and are also very picky ...
What Should You Feed Your Toddler
Can You Feed Your Baby With Cow's Milk?
Health experts recommend waiting till your baby reaches the age of 1 year to feed him or her with cow's milk. This is because a baby may not able to digest cow's milk before reaching a particular age as it contains ...
Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Helping Out
Spare the rod and spoil the child is a phrase that is commonly used by many. Chances are that your well-wishers or even your spouse might have mentioned this phrase to you. Although offensive to the ears, this phrase merely tries ...
Helping Around The House
Simple Ways A Sibling Can Bond With A Newborn
Newborns and toddlers rarely get along, How many of you parents agree? According to experts it is necessary for your children to bond. Parents should involve the sibling into doing little things for the newborn. For instance, if the sibling wants ...
Home Remedies For Toddler's Cold And Cough
Cough and cold are common ailments that visit during a season change. And if you have a little kid in your family, you have to be extra cautious. There are many parents who prefer to buy over-the-counter medicines to treat cough ...
Home Remedies For Toddler Cold And Cough
Simple Ways To Keep Your Toddler Active
A child between the ages of one to three years is traditionally called as a toddler. At this age he is bubbling with energy and requires intense cognitive, physical and mental stimulation to assist him in growing up. Most of the ...
First Three Important Foods For Toddlers
It is a milestone for every mother when she shifts her baby from liquids to a semi-solid or solid diet. Although, he is old enough to digest these first foods for toddlers doesn't have the taste for them. But they are ...
First Three Important Foods For Toddlers
Dealing With Toddler's Fractures
A toddler is a child between the ages of 9 months to 3years. This is a very important stage in child’s life as it is a transition from an infant to an independent individual. The new found independence enables him/her to ...
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