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Girl’s Body Stolen From Grave For Ghost Wedding!

Several bizarre rituals still exist in this modern world. One such practice being followed is that of a "ghost wedding" practice followed in China.

According to reports, a bizarre case of a girl's corpse missing from her grave has taken the world by a storm.

Girl’s Corpse Was Stolen For This!

Check out the details of this bizarre incident of the teenage girl's body missing...


The Bizarre Ritual The Villagers Follow

It is reported that the village people follow a bizarre ritual named 'minghun' or the 'spirit marriage'. In Chinese, it is also known as 'ghost marriages'.

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About The Ceremony

In this ceremony, the corpses are wed which is thought to bring peace to the dead in the afterlife. It is carried out especially when the bride or the groom had died suddenly just before their wedding or if a child had died while he/she was still single.


The Survey Revealed

According to reports, this is not the first case of missing corpses as stats revealed that in 2015, it was reported that 14 female corpses were stolen in one village in Shanxi province alone.


The Girl’s Body Was Two Decades Old

It is said that the girl's body was over two decades old and it had been buried in a "modest" ceremony and her coffin contained "nothing of value". But when her family visited her grave, they were shocked to see the grave to be dug, and police found gloves at the scene which they assume might help them solve the mystery of the missing cops.

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The Family Was Initially Made The Ghost Wedding Offer

According to reports, it is believed that the family was approached by strangers who had once visited their home and offered to purchase the girl's body to become a 'corpse bride' for a ghost wedding, but apparently, the family had refused it.

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