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Story Of A Thai 'Caveman' Who Seduces Dozens Of Travellers

There are so many people out there who struggle to get into a relationship and then there are those who get laid with fewer efforts.

This cave man's story will surely make many men feel jealous as he reveals that he gets more ladies that one can imagine!

This is the story of 'Chatupoom Losiri' who is also known as the 'caveman'.

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Check out the details of his lifestyle.


Chatupoom Losiri

‘Chatupoom Losiri' who is also known as the ‘caveman' became a local sensation in no time after he began to document his holistic and off-the-grid lifestyle. He lives on Koh Phangan, an island where the full moon parties are hosted.


He Shared Pictures Of Himself On Facebook

He shared a picture with a Russian woman. Apparently, he had met her outside the grocery store. And when he shared another photo of a naked woman and people assumed that it was her. Later he revealed in a post that it was one of his lovers and not the Russian woman whose picture he had shared.

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The Locals Claim He Lacks Decency

Currently, Chatupoom is now being monitored by Thai authorities after scores of complaints from his neighbourhood as people complained that he lacks decency.


He Never Forces Any Woman

Chatupoom claims that he never forces the women to visit his cave. He added, 'The women who sleep here, there is no compulsion in any way. None of the women is forced to do anything, and sometimes we don't have sex. Sometimes we just hug until morning. They are all happy, and I'm happy, too.'


The Cops Revealed He Had Not Broken Any Law

According to the police officers, Chatupoom has not broken any laws. They also revealed that they keep a close watch as his activity was 'precarious and risky' for women.

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