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"World's Heaviest Ovarian Cancer Tumour" Was Removed By Doctors In India

People avoid visiting doctors for fear of getting an injection or to avoid expensive treatments to get cured for the medical condition.

Here is one such case of a woman who ignored her health and had to be finally operated when the tumour of her stomach became really big!

Check out the case as the medics claim that the size of a tumour is considered to be the "world's heaviest tumour."

Check them out.


About The Patient

Vasantha is an agricultural labourer from Ooty, India. She had been ignoring the growing size of her stomach since she felt no pain or discomfort. However, over a period of time, her abdomen size started increasing, and she began experiencing pain.

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She Was Taken To The Hospital

When her pain started becoming unbearable, she visited a doctor who conducted the necessary tests and concluded that it was an ovarian tumour. Looking at the size of a tumour the doctors refused to undertake a surgery citing slim chances of the woman's survival.


Vasantha’s Condition Was Critical

Doctors described Vasantha's condition to be bad as she was in severe pain and it was unbearable. She was not in a state to even walk or eat proper food and also suffered from breathlessness. She needed immediate attention, and hence doctors did not waste any time and operated her immediately. The operation was a success, and the autopsy report revealed that a tumour was cancerous.

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Doctors Revealed...

"The original weight of the patient when she came here was 75 kg, and after the operation, we weighed a tumour, which was about 33.5 kgs. After sending it for biopsy, we got to know that it was ovarian cancer."

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It Has Been The Heaviest Ovarian Cancer Tumour

The medics revealed that this is the heaviest ovarian cancer operated worldwide until now, and hence is considered to be a record in itself. The previous records of the most significant size of a tumour removed in India are said to be 20 kgs in AIIMS Delhi and Pondicherry.

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