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Switzerland Is Offering $60,000 For People To Move In

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All thanks to the image that Bollywood has created for Switzerland, this is the destination where people wish to spend their honeymoon period in with their partner.

But going there is not a cup of tea for all! Well, there is a solution for this, as now the Government in Switzerland is offering people £53,000 to live in a town!

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Sounds fishy? Well, the reason why the offer is being made to the public is because of the human population becoming extinct in the village!

Check out more on this interesting town of Switzerland...


The Town

Albinen is the town that is located in a gorgeous valley at an altitude of 4265 feet above sea level. The place is a typical mountain town that has its own church and traditional Valais architecture all over the place.


According To The President Of The Town...

The town is characterised by its quietness, phenomenal views, great air quality and many hours of sunshine throughout the year. But, unfortunately, this beautiful town is threatened with extinction, as the residents are moving away and out of the countryside and into the city.

Countries That Pay You To Live There


There Are Just 240 People Living There Currently

The town has just 240 people left and among these people, there are just seven kids who have to go by bus to nearby towns to attend school. The town school was shut down after families moved to bigger cities.


The Offer

The government is offering people under the age of 45 years to move into this beautiful place, as they can buy or own houses of their own in the place. The offer is aimed for couples with 2 children. They would get £53,000 to move into the town.


But There Is A Catch

If the couple decides to move out of the place, they need to repay the Government of Switzerland the entire amount before they move out.

So, what do you think? Isn't it a beautiful place to move in to? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 21:15 [IST]
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