This Is The World’s Most Dangerous Loo!

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There are many dangerous places around the world. But have you ever imagined that there could be a very dangerous loo on this planet as well?

This unique toilet is considered to be hell of a ride as it is considered to be the scariest and most dangerous loo in the world.

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This unique loo is placed on a height of 8,500 ft above the ground level and it will churn up your tummy when you have a look at it. Check out the pictures as it will simply blow your mind.


It Is Placed At Siberia’s Highest Weather Station

This toilet is placed at 8,500 ft in the air and on top of the Altai Mountains. Whoever visits this place has to take "pissing into the wind" a little too seriously! Since the toilet is placed so high!


It Is Made Using A Wooden Chamber!

This unique wooden chambered loo rests at the edge of a snow-covered mountain! To make this place more exciting, it is partially suspended in the air, which gives it the tag of the most dangerous toilet on earth!


The Temperature Is -50 Degree Celsius Here!

The scientists require to have a tiny walk from the weather station to the outhouse loo in this freezing temperature!


It Offers The ‘User’ A Unique Experience!

This unique toilet offers a unique experience of defecating on the edge of the world. Though the digestive system doesn't see altitude, it gives the user a unique experience.

Check out the video of this dangerous loo in the world below and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 19:12 [IST]
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