Period Myths That Need To Be Cleared Right Away!

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Menstruation is considered a taboo since years, in many countries. Women face the brunt while they undergo a lot of severe pain and agony. All this is because of a few myths and beliefs about periods that surround them.

Period Myths That Need To Be Cleared!

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This article is going to clear some of the most weirdest, bizarre myths and beliefs about periods that all need to know.

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Learning about these myths is important because menstruation is not a shameful thing, but a natural process.

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Check out some of the most weird myths about periods that people have been following/believing in blindly!


Myth #1: You Shouldn’t Use A Tampon Until You’re Old Enough!

Fact: There is no age restriction for using a tampon! People believe that using tampons will ruin the virginity of a woman, as the hymen would get damaged. Well, it's just a belief!


Myth #2: You Cannot Get Pregnant During Your Period

Fact: It is not true! You CAN get pregnant during your period! This is something that most women are not aware of! Remember that a sperm can live up to 3-5 days and ovulation can occur during, or soon after, the bleeding phase.


Myth #3: Period Should Last For Exactly One Week

Fact: Everyone's menstrual cycle is different. A perfect natural period will last anywhere between 3 and 7 days. If the period is typically longer or shorter than a week, then a doctor's visit is a must!


Myth #4: Take Rest And Avoid Exercise

Fact: Whoever came up with this myth is a fool! Exercising helps to control PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps, as it increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles. Hence, exercising is good during the menstrual cycle!

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Myth #5: You're Supposed To Get Your Period By The Age Of _____.

Fact: There is no "normal" age to get your first period. Girls start menstruating anywhere between 9 and 15 years of age. Anywhere during this time is considered to be normal. But, if there's no sign of your period by the time you're 15 years, then you'd better get it checked with a doctor!


Myth #6: A Tampon Can Get Lost Inside Your Vagina!

Fact: This can be called a Joke! Nothing can get lost in your vagina. It's not a cave down there, as a woman's vagina ends at the cervix. Period!


Myth #7: You Can Shorten Or Delay A Period By _________.

Fact: You shouldn't try to fight your body's natural menstrual cycle, since it is a natural process, and hampering it can only cause other health problems.

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