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Menstrual Taboos According To Various Religions In India

By: Rima Choudhary

Menstrual taboo is a social taboo primarily concerned with menstruation of a female. Menstruation is recognised as a social taboo in India, where a menstruating woman is considered to be tainted.

In most of the societies and religions, menstruation and in general a menstruating woman is considered ritually unclean.

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Different religions and cultures view menstruation in different ways, but still it is one among the stigmas of the Indian society.

Here, we mention to you about menstrual taboos according to various religions in India. Have a look and find out how these taboos are observed across different religions.


1. Hinduism

According to the Hindu religion, a menstruating woman is considered to be unclean and is given a set of rules to follow. A Hindu menstruating woman is not allowed to enter kitchen (having a pooja room) and temples.

She is prohibited from talking loudly, wearing flowers or touching a person. Yes, these rituals are still followed!

A menstruating woman is considered as forbidden in the society who is not even allowed to return to her family until her period ends.


2. Islam

A menstruating woman is excused from performing any ritual or religious activities during this period.

Any kind of physical relationship is strictly prohibited under the Islam religion.

A menstruating woman is allowed to be present during the festive season; however, she is exempted from prayers.


3. Christianity

On the perception of uncleanness, Christianity considers a menstruating woman as unclean.

Others think that this law should be discarded, as Jesus allowed himself to be touched by a menstruating woman to cure him.


4. Sikhism

According to Sikhism, a menstruating woman is considered as clean as a man is. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, rebuked the tradition of treating women as impure while menstruating.

A menstruating woman is not considered as unclean, in fact she is allowed to offer prayers during this period and do Seva as well.

Sikhism makes it clear with the message that a menstruating woman is pure, as it is known that the menstrual cycle is a natural process given by God.


5. Judaism

According to Judaism, anyone who touches a menstruating woman would be unclean until he takes a bath.

Having physical intercourse during such a time is strictly prohibited in Judaism, and anyone going against it would be strictly punished.


6. Special Law In Kashmir

The Kashmiri's have their own taboos and beliefs when it comes to menstruation. According to the state law, a menstruating woman is not considered as an untouchable.

In fact, she is taken care by the whole family. According to Kashmiris, they believe that serving a menstruating woman will help them to get some blessings from god.

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