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Menstruating Man? Check Out The Video

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India is a country that is rich in heritage. Women here are treated like Goddesses. But, there are certain things that go unnoticed by a common man. One such issue is about menstruating women.

In this article, we are here to share a video about a man named "Arunachalam Muruganantham", who is also known as "India's Menstruating Man", from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India.


He is the first man to try on a sanitary pad and experiment with the blood of animals stocked in a bag, which he stuck near his abdomen. Do you want to know more on this? Read on..

He is the man who is an entrepreneur and inventor of a machine that enables rural women to manufacture low-cost sanitary pads in a small village where discussing about periods and menstruation is considered a taboo.

His company, known as "Jayaashree Industries", reached its peak level once the documentary movie about his invention went viral.


The sanitary pads made by his company cost 50% cheaper than the branded pads and over 877 brands are making the pads created by his company in over 27 states of India alone. In abroad, over 17 countries have imported the machine that he has created. This is something that is quite inspirational, don't you think?

His wife Shanti was the inspiration for him to make these affordable sanitary pads, when he found that she still uses the age-old method of using cloth while menstruating.

He was keen on making the sanitary pads, so he could not wait for 30 days for his wife to try the new pads that he made.

For the first few attempts he did fail; but after trying it on himself, he came up with the best idea to make his own sanitary pad.

It took over 2 years of research for him to get the right material for the right kind of sanitary pads. In this process, he invented a machine that helped him produce these cheap, affordable sanitary pads.

In the video, he shares the struggle that he had to go through, including his divorce with his wife who was not willing to accept the fact that he was keen on experimenting with the invention of sanitary pads.

His story proves that with sheer determination and will, we sure can achieve our goal when we set our minds on getting it right.

So, check the video to know more about this inspirational man.

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