The Story Of Yanomami Tribal People Who Drink Human Soup!

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There have been various stories of tribes that practice cannibalism or other spine-chilling rituals. This is the story of a well-known Indian tribe that is living on the shores of the Amazon rainforest and they are known as the Yanomami tribe.

These tribal people are famous for their hard-to-believe acts and rituals and for their way of living. Check out the interesting details about the lifestyle of this tribe.

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They believe in eating the ashes of the dead from their own tribe to save the soul of their beloved ones. They roam around naked and live in a kind of an open tent with a pitch of roof.

So, read more about this bizarre ritual and the logic behind this practice of eating ashes of the dead by this tribe.


Who Are They?

They are the people of the Yanomami tribe and this tribe is spread across 200-250 villages in the Amazon rainforest region. They practice the traditional death ritual of drinking the soup made of human ashes. It need not have to be just their relative, it can be anybody from their tribe!


Their Belief

This tribe does not believe in death. Instead, they believe that a rival tribe's shaman sent an evil spirit to directly attack someone in the tribe. The solution for this they thought was to remove the body and cremation ensues!


Why Consume Ashes?

They believe that consuming the ashes of the dead will serve as a way to keep their beloved tribal member's spirit alive and it will bring luck for the future generations to come!

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How Is The Ashes Soup Made?

The body is covered in leaves and put in a forest that is not very far. After 30 to 45 days, they collect the bones from the decomposed body and proceed to cremate it. The ashes got from the bones are mixed together with a soup made from fermented bananas.


The Entire Tribe Drinks The Human Soup!

The entire community must consume this mixture. To accomplish this, the soup is passed among the other members of the tribe. Ideally, it should be consumed in a single sitting.

These are some of the practices that still exist, even in this century. If you have any feedback regarding this, then do share it in the comment section below.

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