Shocking Cases of Animals Found Alive In People!

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There are times when we get excited and take up some unwanted dares. A little do we think before we do this and the end result could in turn put us in a lot of trouble.

Once such possibility is when people take funny dares seriously and the end result could be swallowing a live fish! And what if the fish gets stuck inside you? Sounds quite impossible and scary, right?

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Here are some of the cases where animals were found to be stuck inside the human body and that too very much alive! Though this sounds impossible, there have been cases reported.

These are some of the countless examples of creatures crawling inside the body, which are obtained from all over the world.

Check out the cases where people found live animals being stuck in the human body!


A Spider

A woman had been complaining about a scratching noise in her earlobe. When doctors examined her ear, they found a spider that was creating a web deeper in her ear canal. Apparently, the spider had to be drugged before it was pulled out.


Botfly Larvae

This unknown man got a shock of his life when he realised that he had a bump on his head when he came back from vacation. The doctors assumed it to be a bad insect bite, but when they had a closer examination, the result was quite shocking, as there were five botfly larvae that were growing inside his scalp! Luckily, all were removed!



This is quite a painful case where a 5-year-old boy had maggots in his eyelid. It had apparently burrowed into his eye. His eye needed to be sliced open in order to remove the larvae.


Squid Semen

Twelve small, white, spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms were removed from the mouth of a woman when the squid that she was eating had released its semen. Damn, it must have been so disgusting!


Live Cockroach

A woman from India was suffering from sudden pain in her nose. She checked herself with a doctor who found a live cockroach living inside her skull. Luckily, it was removed by surgery.



This is one of the weirdest cases that you could come across! Apparently, a 14-year-old boy was cleaning his fish tank when he suddenly felt the urge of taking a dump and while he was doing it, one of the fish jumped right into the urethra of the poor teen and he had to be operated soon.



Using eels for a spa treatment would surely give nightmares to a guy who was enjoying his exclusive eel spa when one of the eels went inside his body accidentally through his urethra. He rushed to the hospital and when the eel was removed, it was still found to be alive!


A Worm

A 75-year-old man complained about an itchy eye, but when the doctors examined it closely, they found a 5-inch-long worm that had burrowed itself into his eye socket that needed surgery to be removed.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 17:13 [IST]
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