People Who Survived Being Struck By A Lightning!

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Lightning can be very beautiful when watched from a distance, yet deadly! Getting struck by a lightning is the worst thing that can happen. Though researchers claim that it rarely happens, it does happen and the results are quite extreme.

Here are the stories of people who have survived after being struck by a lightning, and the results are highly surprising.

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Lighting can instantly stop a person's heart beat or it can even cause a cardiac arrest! This is not the only thing that can happen, as lightning can even explode the victim's brain!

So, check out the stories of these people who have survived after having been struck by a lightning.


Peter Mccathie

In July 2015, he not only managed to defy the odds after he was struck by lightning, he also won a lottery. He was on a boating trip when a white cloud formed above his head and within no time, lightning struck him through the trees. He was struck by a lightning the second time and he considers it to be a blessing.


Britney Wehrle

She was just 11 years old when she was walking with her friend on a sunny day, when she was struck by a lightning from a storm that was occurring a few miles away. She did not realise the impact immediately, until she tried to open the door of her house and she couldn't move her left arm. She then noticed a burn mark on her shoulder and wrist. At the hospital, it was discovered that the bolt had entered through her shoulder and it exited from her wrist and it had broken her arm.

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Jamie Santana

In April 2016, Jamie and his horse both were struck by a lightning. He was out riding a horse with his brother-in-law when a storm started to roll in. The pair decided to return home and that is when the lightning struck him and his horse. Unfortunately, his horse did not survive and Jamie was hospitalised for over 4 months!


Dylan Nichols

In 2016, Dylan was sitting against a garage door at a car dealership. It was the place where he was working, and at this unfortunate time, he was having his lunch. After the encounter, he was lying on the ground clutching his chest and complained about the numbness and pain. He was taken for observation and was all okay shortly after that, as the garage door took the brunt of the strike.

If you have any such interesting stories of survivors, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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