Worst Sun Sign Matches That Should Never Marry

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Who knows that even sun signs play a major role in your life connections! When two people are getting married in India, especially star signs, birth dates and everything else under the sky are thoroughly checked and analysed.

So, here we are sharing some information on the sun signs that are considered to be the worst partners for getting married.

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Check out the worst signs that you should not marry, according to your sun sign. These are the set of people with whom your compatibilty level is really less and there are signs that you will not lead a happy and blissful marital life!

Check out the sun signs that you can never get along with.



People of this sign are daring, independent, passionate. So, someone opposite to these characteristics will not work in their favour. The worst match for this sun sign is Taurus. This is because they hate the chase in a relationship and need constant assurance about their stand in life. They are sometimes a little too practical when you just want to be more daring. Hence, there is no match between the two.



People of this sign are determined, honest and loyal. They believe in living a practical life. The worst match is Sagittarius, as they can be a little too much to handle. People under the Sagittarius sign play mind games often and this does not go well with Taurians, hence conflicts can arise.



Geminians are fun-loving people and they are known for their loyalty. They always lookout for something exciting in their lives. Their worst match is Capricorn, as they don't excite them. People with the Capricorn sign are a little too honest at times and this can upset the other sign!



Cancerians are emotional, caring and they have a helpful nature. The worst match is Aquarius, as they are very happy with their savings account and are particular about the money they spend on what they really need. This is not great for a joint account. This is something that is not healthy for the relationship, as there can be problems that will crop up constantly.



People of this sun sign are charming, flirty and confident. They are mentally strong, and hate it when people misjudge them. The worst match for them is Scorpio, as they are stubborn and always wish to show their strong point of views. This will surely lead to conflicts. So, better think about it.



People of this sun sign are caring and helpful. They are artistic in everything they do. The worst match is Sagittarius for them, as they like to chase while the other sign hates it. There will be uncertainty surrounding the relationship all the time. So, make sure you take a wise decision!

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People of this sign are carefree, quirky and known for their sociable aura. The worst match for this sun sign is a Virgo. This is because they are too uptight and make you feel a little trapped. They have the need to be right and be practical all the time and this can simply annoy the other person.



People of this sign are known for their reliability. The worst match for this sun sign is Aries. This is because they are too damn fiery. They also want things to work according to their needs and this is something that does not go well with a scorpian.



People of this sign have an upbeat and unmatched energetic persona. They come across as a very positive person. The worst match for this sun sign is Taurus. This is because they aren't the best people for this sun sign. They are generally busy, and have a practical lifestyle, thereby making them feel there isn't too much of an excitement in the relationship.



People of this sign are honest, loyal, and ambitious. They expect their companion to support their dreams and also to reciprocate their efforts. The worst match for this sun sign is a Gemini. This is because they have lack of understanding most of the time. Geminis are very hard to change and this makes matters worse for the relationship.



People of this sun sign are a bit over-protective, and these guys can have a hard time when people do not reciprocate their loyalty. The worst match for this sun sign is a Cancer. This is because they can be far too emotional for you. This leads to constantly doubting your partner, which can spoil the relationship.



People of this sign are born romantic. The worst match is a Virgo, as they are rather critical and way too practical. They can be a little tricky to keep up with. This combination works great as close friendships than as better halves!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 11:47 [IST]
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